from Dr. Rick: You are a teacher

You are a teacher.  You would not be here if you were not seeking expansion in your own life.  By seeking expansion, you are demonstrating to others a path to follow, a path that is unique to you, nonconforming.  You are not looking for the approval of those around you.  By that action, you are a teacher.

As a teacher, I invite you to share your genius with others.  Tell a story, make an observation, ask a question.  In that way you will will provide to someone else in a similar position as you something that could literally change their life and stay with them forever.

Trust that to be the truth.  Step into the role of teacher that you truly are, and share with all of us.  You can place a comment on my blog, pose a question or observation to Ask Dr. Rick, or offer a testimonial.  You can find the links to all three of these on my Home Page at

Thank you in advance for fulfilling your role as a teacher,

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