A View to Heaven

We've all been through it, losing a loved one. We're left with an emptiness in our hearts and only memories remain. It's against the odds that we'll be a part of each others lives again until the one day when we're called home. Only then we'll be reunited for eternity.

What then can we do to make the time pass quicker? It's easy to say we get on with our lives and yet that person touches every aspect of our new lives. Picture a blank canvas, divided into the four dimensions of our life: Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment. Dissect each dimension by looking at how that person(s) helped grow who we are. As time passes and we change as a result of our loved ones death, we can look back and discover how they influenced who we have become.

Taking a look at my growth over the years, I know my loved one has been a part of it.
  • He's in my mind, allowing me to remember our lives together and helping me put my words on paper.
  • He's in my body, the angel on my shoulder giving encouragement as I take on each new athletic challenge. He's in my strength that allows me to complete a goal, a class, and a mile.
  • He's in my relationships, I share the journey since his passing and beyond thus establishing relationships with people I never knew.
  • He's in my environment, his spirit guides and leads me in church, in my writing, and encourages me when I struggle.

 Our lives transform because of our loved one's passing. Each day renews with their love and light.