A Dead Hawk? That can't be good...

For those of you who don't know, I have been an Intuitive Reader + Energy Healer since 1996. Ever since I began my spiritual journey, hawks have appeared to me to let me know that some important message is coming my way. They came to let me know that Spirit was speaking and that I needed to listen and stay alert. They are symbols of visions, incoming messages, keen insight, swift action and so much more (click here for details on the symbolism of hawks). They appear on my deck outside my condo.... in the parking lot next to my car... on the side of the freeway while I am driving.... just wherever and whenever Spirit wants to remind me to listen and pay attention.

Yesterday, on my way to Spirit Fair #5 at First Spiritualist Church in West Allis, I saw a another hawk, but this time it was laying dead in the middle of the freeway. I started to cry. I had no idea what this symbol could possibly mean, but it sure didn't look good. I started asking my Guides right away, what does this mean? Is it something awful coming my way? Is my career ending? Am I changing directions? What? Why? How?

I asked and asked all day, but I didn't get what I felt to be a clear accurate answer yet. I prayed again as I fell asleep last night, since I almost always get clarity what I wake up in the morning. Well, I woke up in the morning, but still nothing. I tried to meditate, but I still didn't feel the answer coming through. Finally, in a last ditch effort, I started retracing my steps. I thought back to the moment when I saw the body of the bird in the road. I remembered the way it looked, the way I felt. I decided to ask the spirit of the hawk itself why he had died he and why he had appeared to me. This was my response:

"I came to you to remind you of the sacredness and preciousness of every single message that comes into this world. I appeared to you in the form that I did, so your heart would be struck deeply enough to realize the damage that is done when messages are ignored. You saw me as dead and your soul broke open with emotion. We wanted you to understand the immense importance that you and your messages carry in this world. You minimize yourself and your messages all the time, thinking that you have no value and no importance. You think that you are replaceable but you are not. We hawks have been appearing to you for so many years, yet when one of us died, you wept. Why do you think the world would not weep if you were gone? It doesn't matter how many messengers populate the planet, they are all needed. ALL of them. Including you. Remember the preciousness and the sacredness of who you are. Remember the incredible value and importance of every message and every messenger. Your place in the world is so important and I came to you to remind you of it."

I wanted to share this with all of you, since I know so many people may wander through life feeling unimportant and worthless (like I often do). Please know that because you are alive, just because you are existing here in this world, it means you have a purpose. It means that you have unique gifts + talents to share in your own unique way. It means that you are sacred and precious and so very vital. We need you to keep shining your beautiful light, no matter how insignificant you feel it is. No matter what the world looks like around you. Whether people tell you how important you are or not, whether you feel it or not, you always, always are. So, shine on, my lovely friend. Shine on and on and on.

Deborah Lighthart