Your Secret Passion: What it's trying to tell you

Your greatest inspiration is a reflection of who you are

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Your secret passion: what it's trying to tell you

What's your secret passion?

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to make it known? Are you ready to hear what it is trying to tell you?

No matter what form this passion takes: a secret love, writing, painting, dancing - it can take any form - its that one thing that you do when no one is around, its that thing you get up in the night to steal time for:  it has something to tell you.

It wants to be known.
First by you. Then by the world.

The first part is the hardest. We indulge our secret passions so rarely that we don't always recognize them as such. They are guilty pleasures that only occur as isolated, random events. We are afraid to indulge them; we love them this much we are afraid they will take over given too much of our attention, time and energy and so we keep them from ourselves. Or we keep ourselves from them: same thing.

It takes a trained outside eye to spot them: a passion detective to bring them to light.

We keep ourselves out of our secret passions because we sense their power, their potential in our lives. They make us question who we are, what we deserve, what we should be doing. All those powerful questions that bring everything up: every emotion, every thought that we have been trying not to engage.

They make us uncomfortable.

Who am I to want to be a portrait photographer? What am I thinking starting to write this novel? Why do I want to be a tour guide in Asia, really? What am I thinking?

So they lie dormant waiting for their opportunity to break through into our lives.
They have their ways of doing this. And some of them, you are not going to like.
For me one of these ways was being thrown from an ex racehorse stallion that I was thinking of buying. He had other ideas and made them well known when he threw me as a way of saying, thank you, but I'm staying with my current owner. She would have wanted this as well, but struggling with cancer she felt he needed another home. The result? Bed and home bound for a month at my farmland cottage.
And this wasn't enough: it took a bad fall hiking. In the same year, I fell and landed on my knee the wrong way ripping the ligament completely.  I literally had to be taken down a second time to really get the point. After several months of not being able to walk I was forced to write in bed.  Finally I got it.
There are easier ways.
You can respond the second you feel the first few nudges. You don't have to be stubborn like me and learn the hard way. You can learn how to recognize your deepest passions and facilitate them into the world the fun and easy way.
This is why I am writing Creative Passion to facilitate this for you and more. I want you to get the most out of your life and to live it in the most authentic, fulfilling way that is uniquely yours. If you want a sneak peek into this book, the first section is in The Creative Genius Playground for your creative adventures into this fascinating realm.
You deserve this.
This is one of my deepest passions. What's yours?
Dare to name and claim your passion below.
Use the comments box to post here, or send it through the site email:
See how important this is? Do it so you can see, so you can experience its power.

There is such power in declaring your passions

Do as much as you can now. More will follow later, where we continue to explore your passions and your dreams in an even deeper way: where you get to experience your passion more directly and in ways that you won't be able to resist.
* Love affairs and attractions reveal more about who you are than you realize. Your most passionate attractions & love interests want you to know more about who YOU are. This is why they are showing up now: explore them creatively so they don't disrupt your life. It's not always what you think…

Your greatest inspiration is a reflection of who you are

Have fun exploring this and let me know how it goes. If you enjoyed this post feel free to pass it on to your loved ones: warning: this may open up some interesting conversations for you.
Epic Love,
Premakarini X

Copyright © 2013 Premakarini, All rights reserved.
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