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What It Means to be Magnificent

[Yup, I'm sending this out a second time. It's that good. ;) Only a couple people ever read it so it's virtually brand new!]

Hello, gorgeous! How're you today? I'm buzzing as I write this because it's my first love note ever and I'M SO EXCITED!! :D

Like I said in my welcome email (you did get that, right?), this is a channel of communication for the whole community. I need you
 to help me make this a success, so get active and not reactive, okay!?

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Right, on to today's topic: Step into Your Magnificence. What does that say to you? How does your magnificence manifest in the world?


1) making a splendid appearance or show; of exceptional beauty, size, etc

2) extraordinarily fine; superb

5) lavishly munificent; extravagant.

I particularly like that last one: lavishly munificent. Munificent = extremely liberal in giving; characterised by great generosity.

In other words, you let your person overflow with all the juicy goodness inside of you and give freely to the world without playing small or dimming your brilliance. You bring your unique gifts to the fore and use them with pride.

So how can we translate that into real terms?

By identifying what makes us magnificent and rocking it every single day, that's how.

Before you can do that, you need to
gouge the surface and clear your mind of all the lies and negativity that keep you from stepping into your magnificence.

What do you love to do? Who said you couldn't do it? Who/what made you feel bad or guilty for enjoying it?

Mute the haters and naysayers; this is your life to live and no one else's.

Life is too precious to waste shuffling around in half-hearted land, folks. You are here to be

Crystallising Your Magnificence

Your magnificence is your personal brand of magic.

It's your way with words, people, music, love, laughter, film, art, commerce, fashion, or whatever your expertise is. It's your ability to work a room in a way that's sacred, radiant, and mind-blowing.

It's the spin you put on a concept or idea that grabs people and makes their brains go whoosh! because you dazzle them with your brilliance. Neat, huh? ;)

So in the spirit of going forth and burning bright, what are the ways to embrace your magnificence TODAY?

Do the things that make you feel most powerful and alive, the activities that fuel your vibrant, radiant, gorgeous self.

What does that look like for you? Yoga? Running? Tai Chi? Cooking? Coaching? Making art?

Whatever your answer, do more of that and carry the high it gives you throughout the rest of your day. Because we need more of the radiance only you have to offer.

Have a beautiful week ahead! :)

Warm love,


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