Shamanism, Ancient Healing for Modern Times



There seems to be a return to more spiritual and primitive forms of healing to help balance the modern technological world we live in.  Shamanism answers the hunger for the spiritual in the modern world.

In ancient tribal cultures, the shaman or medicine man would act as physician, therapist and religious figure.  They were whom tribe members would go to with any issues of mind body or spirit.

Shamanic belief is that "disease" whether physical or emotional is about spiritual imbalance.  People are out of balance because they have neglected their spiritual nature.

Another guiding belief is that there is a rich and wonderful spirit work where there are guides, teachers and power animals with much love, wisdom, healing and understanding.  The only catch is that they have to be asked before they can help.

The shamanic journey is the main tool of the shaman for accessing this spirit world.  The shamanic journey is done by using a monotonous drumbeat to shift the brain waves to create an altered state of consciousness.  In this altered state, the shaman is able to slip into the spirit world.

The work mostly revolves around what is known as "soul retrieval."  During trauma or a need to adapt in our families as children, we often lose parts of ourselves.  This is known as soul loss.  This soul loss leaves gaps or a sense of emptiness.  I believe than many of the symptoms of depression and anxiety people report is actually soul loss.

This work is done collaboratively.  I will journey for some of the pieces and will also teach you to journey for other pieces of information and healing.

This powerful work will help you

  • reclaim lost pieces of yourself

*learn a powerful tool for accessing the rich, wise spirit world

*connect with animals and teachers available for guidance with life questions

*experience a new sense of wholeness and well being

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