Reflecting on days gone by and those yet to come. The past dreams not yet forgotten, but remain lodged inside our hearts and minds.
Sitting in silence we may reflect on the quiet that surrounds us.We may hear things which surprise us – birds, the wind through the trees, a whisper of a willow, the rush of water, the ticking of a clock, or nothing at all.
Reflecting on our inner selves…who we were, who we are, who we are becoming equals the discovery who I AM. Where then did you begin? Where have you gone? Where are you headed? Have you ever thought of where you want to head – left, right, up, down. Or rather where are you being called to head. Which direction shows your calling – north, south, east, west?
Broadening ones mind and dreams leads you to a wondrous world of things unknown. Have you been called to lead? Teach? Support? Volunteer? Write? Change the world? It’s only through the process of discovery do we define our true authentic self. You are limitless.