Radiate: Love. Possibility. Action. Revolution.

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Radiant Soul Space

Mar 26, 2013 11:00 am | Otiti

Radiate: Love. Possibility. Action. Revolution.

Hey, life lover! What’s new with ya?
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I come on here to write to you. Here’s what I’ve got so far:
I want you to live raw, fiery, & BOLD.
I want to wake you up and snap you out of feeling unworthy, unable or “not ready” to pursue your desires.
I want to echo the little voice inside that whispers what’s possible and add strength to the push to follow what it says.
I want to infuse you with high-voltage energy so potent you’re raring to get out there and kick some ass.
What’s holding you back from being your fullest self? What’s stopping you from starting a personal revolution to rock your world and spread some goodness in your community?
Are you worried that no one will care? That they’ll laugh at you? That you don’t have the time or money to follow your dream?
You don’t have to start a side business. You don’t have to quit your job or travel the world unless you really want to. You just have to be open to your heart.
Be open to your heart.
What are you yearning for? What’s keeping you up at night and shadowing every waking thought?
That’s your soul’s purpose. That’s your calling.
Glow with your purpose. Give in to the urge to bless us with your special gifts. I believe your purpose is founded on love and faith and brilliance, and I truly believe your life will be so much richer if you allow yourself dance with your soul’s calling.
Radiate love. For yourself. For the world. For your thoughts. Show yourself as much love as you shower on your family and friends.
Radiate possibility. Believe in your ideas. Nourish them. Give them fertile soil to bloom and grow. See opportunities where others see roadblocks.
Dance with faith. Leap into the unknown. Your intuition will not ask of you more than you have to give, nor will it give you a task greater than you can handle. Believe in your strength.
Face down fear with action. Don’t know which way to turn, which choice is right? There’s only one way to find out: act.
Take the first step. Take a series of steps. Sign up for that class. Book that trip. Make the ask. Give the love. Give your all.
Radiate revolution. We’re creating whole new paradigms to replace the ones that’re crumbling. Don’t you want to add your unique spin to things?
Erin Giles created End Sex Trafficking Day and raised $10,000 within 29 days to publish the book End Sex Trafficking.
Danielle LaPorte called us all to become Fire Starters in her life-changing book The Fire Starter Sessions.
Natalie Sisson created the $100 Change Initiative to mentor folks who wanted to make explosive changes within 100 days. There were also 10 scholarships worth $500 to help 10 lucky souls launch their idea/project/business. Cool, huh?
How are you going to make your mark in the global community?
You get to choose how you show up in the world. You get to choose how you live your days. Will you shrink back from the promise, or will you step forward into your calling?
I choose the latter. Who’s with me?
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