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Radiant Soul Space

Mar 19, 2013 10:07 am | Otiti

Heart Whispers

You’ve felt the yearning that brushes against your consciousness and always reaches for more, yes? More truth. More clarity. More divinity. A broader and deeper expression of who you really are. The courage to stretch even farther and grow through or despite the soul cracks that shatter your old self.
This yearning is the whisper of your heart, the call of your soul, the beat of your destiny. It is the essence of your existence and the difference between feeling full inside and feeling empty.
Listen to the voice inside. She will guide you. IF you’re willing to cut through the noise and follow your heart’s desire. If you are willing to sit with the quiet and be still enough to feel your wisdom flowing from within. If you are willing to act on what you hear as you hear it.
The truth is we are never entirely clueless about what we should do or what we really want. We’re simply afraid to admit that we already have the answers, because then we’d have to act on them. If we don’t, we carry the burden(s) of knowing what to do and sitting on our hands instead of getting right down to it.
In this moment, here and now, what do you truly desire? Why is the pull so strong? Are you resisting?
Personally, I desire openness. Space. Abundance. Huge love. Deep love. True intimacy. Honest relationships. Fulfilling interactions. Freedom. Truth. Exhilaration. Community.
I resist many of the above because I think, “I’m not ready. I don’t have enough money. I can’t open my heart anymore. I can’t fight to be seen anymore.”
But what if it’s not about fighting to be seen, but simply being without the need for external validation?
What if it’s not about being ready, but staying open to new experiences even if they scare the bejesus out of you?
What if it’s not about bemoaning your financial status, but simply doing the things you can do right now to feel the way you want to feel?
What if it’s not about closing off your heart, but just accepting that you can’t force anyone to feel how you want them to about you, and staying open to those who already do instead?
There’s no point in waiting for X to happen so Y can become possible. Make what you have now enough to get what you want. It may not go exactly as you think it should, but it will deliver the results you desire. Eventually. :)
I may not be able to move as fast as I want to. I may not be able to match the progress of my growing community with my blogger friends and the people I look up to. But I’ll be damned if I let myself hide behind my fears any longer. I’ll be damned if I lose my resolution to live raw, fiery, & BOLD.
We’re all at different stages on the path of personal growth and success, so comparison is useless. I find I have to make peace with that over and over again. I have to make peace with a lot of things these days. Goddamn liminal space.
And yet, through it all, I feel a purer version of me emerging. Through all the soul cracks and crumbling relationships, I feel a hint of my identity weaving together and getting stronger every day.
Even when my heart is heavy over losing my old self. Even when the landscape is constantly shifting and I can’t seem to find my footing.
I’m telling you this because all we have is now to chase our heart’s desires. All we have is now to know who we are even as we work towards who we yearn to become. It’s not about changing yourself, but becoming more of your true self. It’s about following your heart whispers even when you fear you can’t.
And as always, it takes great courage to show up as you are whether you feel ready or not. It takes even greater courage to go beyond that and leave your mark on the world through your signature brand of magic.
So what’s next for you? Will you act on your heart’s whispers? Let’s spark some conversation in the comments.
See you there.
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