from Dr. Rick: reason # 8 The Wrong Language

Let's review Reason #8 from my report "The 9 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Can't Work for You."

This one is really really big...    Using the Wrong Language.

Many of us lack the awareness of all the messages we are sending out without words.  In effective communication studies it has been discovered that the words are only 8% of the message.  53% is in the body language and 39% in the voice inflection.  The body language and the vocal inflection are far more impacting than the words themselves.  This goes along with the concept that the feeling, energy and emotion behind the words are far more important than the words themselves.  It often takes time and practice to line up the emotion and the words.  This is best done in baby steps, choosing little things to practice on.

It is all an inside job!  Everything in our outside world is dependent upon what is going on in your inside world.  It may take a while for you to fully grasp this, but if you stay on it and practice and implement what you learn here, and continue to learn and practice and implement, you will come to know this as an absolute truth.  Everything is an inside job.  Everything!

Enjoy,  Rick

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