Free Water Clearing & New Human & Earth Chakra Attunement

Thank you so much for participating in the clearing of the Planetary Water.
Here is some great news about the incredibly positive energies that are radiating through The Earth's Hydrosphere:
There are 17 billion, 90 million Positive Portalways, (approximately 52 Positive Portalways per cubic mile of the Hydrosphere), open to 121 billion, 30 million Positive Beings who enhance life on The Earth. This is so much more than the negative portalways that were found and cleared.
There are 1 billion, 662 million 500 thousand Positive Thought Forms in The Hydropshere, or about 5 per cubic mile.

It was Wild on the beach this morning! This is a one minute video of the walk.
Facts about water from a 3rd dimensional perspective.
• There is ONE WATER on The Earth.
• The hydrosphere is all the water on The Earth's surface, the oceans, the lakes and seas, the clouds, the water in you and me, and in all the plants, animals and humans. This water covers more than 70% of the Earth's surface.
• "The World Ocean, or global ocean, is the interconnected system of the Earth's oceanic (or marine) waters, and comprises the bulk of the hydrosphere, which is 96% salt water.
• The total volume of this water is approximately 332,500,000 cubic miles. That equals about 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 (three hundred and twenty-six million trillion) gallons of water are present on The Earth.
• This volume can be represented as a sphere with a diameter of about 860 miles.
Here is what we have been working with from a 4th dimensional perspective and higher:
What Are We Clearing?
We are looking at energy forms that exist in dimensions other than the physical 3rd and 4th dimensions perceiveed with our physical senses. Most, if not all, of the physical world, the 3rd and 4th dimensions, also exists or is influenced by other dimensions.
There are connections between dimensions, openings, doorways, or portalways. Conscious beings on other dimensions are interacting with the 3rd and 4th dimensions all the time. Not all of these interactions are life enhancing for The Earth. This is what we are clearing.
What are dimensions?
Here is an interesting perspective to consider:
Dimensions of The Physical World & Beings
First, there is a point: no dimension!
1st Dimension: length – the line between two points
2nd Dimension: length plus width – a plane
3rd Dimension: length plus width, plus depth – volume – life form of crystals
4th Dimension: length, width, depth, time – Plants, Insects, Animals and Humans
5th Dimension: length, width, depth, time, spirit – Awareness of spirit/soul
Beyond the 5th Dimension we are no longer in the physical. This is where Ascended Beings live.
6th Dimension: Helpers and Spirit Guides – Some of these are able to take their physical bodies with them into non-physical dimensions, if they have been present in the 4th dimension.
7th Dimension: Guardians and Masters – Some of these beings are able to form a 4th dimensional body for up to 14 hours.
8th Dimension: Arch Masters – Some of these beings are able to form and stay in a 4th dimensional body for up to 7 hours.
9th Dimension: Worker Angels
10th Dimension: Angels
11th Dimension: Lesser Angels
12th Dimension: ArchAngels
I suspect that dimensions also move in other directions, from that point of no dimension, to a -1 Dimension , although I have no idea what that looks like ;) Particles and waves of energy are moving throughout, at different frequencies, in the theory of quantum physics.
The Akasha
The Akashic Records are part of the larger Akashic Field, or the Akasha Dimension, where all dimensions meet. So when you ask me to read your Soul Profile, I go through a process of accessing your personal Akashic Record, and there find the information you are looking for. This is a record of your eternal life as soul, which is a part of you in every incarnation, and all the time between, when you are living as soul in different dimensions. When reading land or a home, as in a Property Clearing, the Akashic Record of that particular location is opened and read.
Clearing in The Akasha
The clearing part involves identifying inter-dimensional energies that do not enhance life in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, particularly intrusions. Through accessing the dimension where all is one, The Akasha, or Zero Point Field, or Universal Field, it is possible to see what is blocking and interfering with life force energy. When this is identified, it is possible to request that Ascended Beings assist in the removal and bring the interfering and life draining energies to their correct places of evolution in the light.
What Are Inter-dimensional Beings that interfere?
In doing a clearing, we look for portalways, or doorways, that open into negative or disruptive planes on various dimensions. We find a particular group of disruptive beings often use these portalways. These are called entities, ghosts, and poltergeists.
These are all conscious beings, with thoughts and emotions, and they can fixate on human beings, physical locations, and activities in the 3rd and 4th dimensional world. Many of these beings are the disconnected lower, middle, and higher aspects of souls that have had difficulty transitioning from their Earth incarnations, once the physical body has been left behind.
These are different than Earthbound souls, which are the complete souls of individuals who have left their physical bodies, yet have remained stuck in the 3rd dimension. There are likely other origins of disruptive entities and beings that disturb The Earth and the life forms that are here.
Disruptive entities, ghosts, poltergeists, earthbound souls, and any other forms of disruptive consciousness, calibrate below 200 (on a scale of 0 - 1,000) in Dr. David Hawkins' Map of the Scale of Consciousness. In essence, if something calibrates below 200, the effect is a drain or depletion of life force energy. This is what is meant by negativity or disruption.
During his lifetime, which just ended in 2012, Dr. Hawkins wrote many great books and taught his concepts of consciousness all over the world. My favorite of his books is The Eye of The I.____
The Planetary Water Clearing Information is detailed on the blog.
Once disruptive energies were cleared, the final energy toxicity number for the Planetary Water is 22.
The Positive Energies identified in this reading love this clearing. This worked on the 70% of your physical body that is water.
Have you felt anything different in the water around you or in you?
Personally, I got really sick after I finished this clearing! This hardly ever happens to me, so I see a synchronicity ;) Not sure what it means, though...
Why is this Water Clearing so important to me and you? Even though it may seem very subtle that things are changing, they are.
This brief video clip from the movie Thrive features Vandana Shiva, physicist and environmental justice activist, with a very big reason to care about what is happening to our water: The Water Cycle
Some fantastic organizations are coming together to assist us all in developing ascended ways of living in integrity on Planet Earth as the conditions continue to transform.
Check this out to give you hope and a way of making a difference in 2013 and beyond:
Humanity's Team:
Sending love,
P.S. The second wave of the Human and Earth Chakras Attunement will begin on March 21st, the Spring Equinox. I will send you another email about this soon.
You may want to check out the Chakra Healing Rings that I have promised to make available - these would be great to use during this next Attunement.
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