FREE WEBINAR: AngelSpeaK 03.03.2013

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FREE AngelSpeaK Replay
with Deborah Lighthart
From Mar 3, 2013
Password: SPARKLE

Enjoy this recorded session of psychic messages from the Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides + deceased loved ones of all who attended. Deborah Lighthart has been a full-time professional psychic for over 15 years and has a vast wealth of experience. In this session, she shares group + individual messages. Each session begins with a meditation and/or a group message to help everyone connect with the Spirit Beings available. Deborah then takes questions from the audience as time allows. Her gentle, yet joyful approach creates a connection between you + your Angels that will help in any area of your life. This session is great newcomers to personal growth, psychic awareness & spiritual awakening.  For more details about attending future sessions, please visit: