Before the Text

Years ago, before the first text message ever sent, how did we live? Even before then, before instant messaging or email, how did we communicate with our family, friends, customers, co-workers, or even your boss?
Oh yeah, I remember. You picked up the phone, dialed a number and hoped someone would answer at the other end. You may get a busy signal because someone was on the other line. Phones allowed people to communicate, create plans, change plans, catch up on each others lives, make appointments, and get the results we sought.

What happened if no one answered the phone? You left a message. Before caller ID, voice mail, and answering machines, you hoped they call back. When a call couldn't be answered, my mom used to say, “if it’s important, they’ll call back”. For the most part, they did.

We've come a long way in advancing technology. Have these advancements taken us away from real communication? Did we forget how to make real conversation without shorthand, abbreviations, and acronyms? While texting is convenient, it’s easier to misinterpret content and take things out of context. You can’t hear a persons smile, tone, or real laughter from a text message. Since when has a phone call only been one word? No one picks up the phone and says: “nice”, “LOL”, “yes”, “no”, “ha ha”, or “OK”. There’s a reason and a purpose for normal conversation…since its creation.

I ask that you take a day and make it a no texting day. A day you may receive text messages, but you don’t respond to them until the next day. If you have something that can’t wait, then pickup the phone and call. The people you are contacting can do the same.