Angel Message of the Day 03.04.2013

Every moment of every day, we are planting seeds that grow into what experience tomorrow. Some seeds we plant knowingly and tend them consciously. other seeds we plant by accident and they grow like weeds in our subconscious. Gardens grow best when they are tended regularly, and so does your life. Pay attention to what you plant. 

Your emotions give power to your thoughts. Sometimes, you may thoughts floating around in your world that don't seem to become much of anything but thoughts (good or bad). When you add strong emotion to them, they grow. If you want to see some of your seeds grow more, fertilize them with emotion, as much emotion as you can muster, especially Love and Gratitude. Love + Gratitude will help your "garden" flourish bigger and better with every sowing.

Deborah Lighthart + her Angels 

 This post was brought to you from the blog column: "AngelSpeaK.deborah lighthart." Deborah is an Intuitive, Energy Healer + Visionary Artist. Her column is a space for her to share information that comes through her from her own Angels & Spirit Guides, as well as answer questions for her readers. If you have a question that you'd like to ask the Angels, please EMAIL