Thoughts on tragedy and healing.... this is an excerpt of a facebook conversation that I had with some friends. I felt drawn to sharing it here, so that other's may benefit from the understandings and perceptions that expressed.
Deborah Lighthart

There are so many tragedies that take place in life that we really have no control over, but how we respond to that tragedy can be very different. It's my understanding that our health issues are a reflection of healing/transformation work that still needs to happen, and it's related to the challenges that we've come through in this lifetime or any other. Making the choice to heal/accept/forgive/love/make peace/etc helps to set you free from the the health issues. The body creates what the spirit tells it to in order to bring awareness to the parts of the soul that need healing.

Having been physically, sexually, verbally + emotionally abused as a child and being raped at knifepoint as a teenager, I am definitely personal witness to a whole lot of suffering that can be had without any intention of creating it in one's life. I choose to heal and to create new situations in my world now, but there was a time in my life when I didn't know if I'd ever be empowered enough to be able to change my life at all.

All circumstances are opportunities for us to heal, to heal ourselves, heal others and heal the world. It's so important that we embrace every trauma in that way. We can't blame the victim for being wounded and we can't really blame the perpetrator for wounding, since both experiences are just the flipside of the same coin. Our focus needs to be on healing. Empowering people to get the healing they need, whether they are wounded, or wounding, they need to be proactive in their own healing process.


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