Reason # 1 why the secret is still a secret

Let's review Reason #1 from my report "The 9 Reasons the Law of Attraction Can't Work for You."  You've most likely never been given the real truth about the Law of Attraction.  So obviously, if you've never been given the whole truth, you can't get the LOA to work the way you really want it to work.  And IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Here's why you didn't get the whole truth from the amazing and successful movie The Secret.  Rhonda Byrne's inspiration for the movie and book came from Jerry and Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham.  When the producer was getting ready to broadcast the movie on Australian television, they decided that some of the information would not be "appropriate" for the general viewing public.  So the producer demanded that some of Abraham's material be cut from the final version of the movie, but Jerry and Esther would not allow their portion to be edited and thus misconstrued.  So the producers pulled it all out.  A full 20 minutes of the most important information in the movie was cut and replaced with less significant material.

I have seen this original uncut version of the movie!   Unfortunately, due to copywriting laws, I am not able to share this material with you.  However, every once in a while this uncut material shows up on the web, and when it does I will direct you to it through my weekly email message.  Also, I can direct you to the Teachings of Abraham so that you can get this critically important information in another format.  You'll find this link also on my website.

If you have been on a journey to try to discover this secret, you will really appreciate getting to the source.

Enjoy,  Rick

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