Premakarini Newsletter: The Guilt Factor

The guilt factor: you can't rewrite the past. Or can you? READ this when you next feel bad 
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The guilt factor: you can't rewrite the past. Or can you? READ this when you next feel bad 

Guilty often? Regret much? Guilt drains and depletes. Guilt traps energy. Guilt gets in the way of the important things: LOVE, FUN + play. Guilt is the one thing you can most do without. As long as you feel regret you are stuck to some extent. Free = creative.
Flush guilt fast. Experience more energy now. Here's how:

Revisualize the undesired event happening EXACTLY how you'd like it to have happened. Use details to lock in the feeling. The FEELING is what is most important, so don't worry if you have trouble visualizing any of the actual details.

Now realize something important here.

Where you are now: you have the benefit of much experience + development.


"You're always evolving and developing,

whether you are conscious of this process or not"

You see more of the BIG picture.

You are more conscious NOW.

So, of course you can see a better way.


"Hindsight may be 20-20.

Conscious, heightened perception*= 360°  

Timeless. Potent. Unlimited."

*guilt lowers your perceptive capacity. Guard against guilt.

Responsibility = your ability to respond in the moment. Higher perception = more responsible

Guilt = regret NOW in the present time that you didn't do it better back THEN.

{OF COURSE you could have done it better now. For all the reasons above and then some}
HERE'S what you have to know: YOU did the best you could given where you were at the time. TRUST this.
You did everything right, even if now it seems wrong.

Keep revisualizing until it feels right. See it exactly as you'd do it now. Experiment + explore this as much as you are pulled to. It may take several visits to feel a difference.

This is IMPORTANT. This is your life.
Guilt is the reason you feel stuck. Guilt erodes life. It's an acid. It affects your body. It keeps your energy low. It doesn't need to be a part of your experience.
Yes: it's true.

With a little reworking using your mind in the way it was perfectly designed for, you can move through any guilt and feel the palpable difference.

Oh, and your body will thank you, too.

You deserve the best. All the time. Don't let guilt trick you into believing otherwise.

A HUGE welcome and thanks to everyone who is joining us here! Be sure to leave your blog info, insights + adventures in the comments below so we can all get to know you! You are in the good company! And BIG thanks for all the shares: let's see how much this idea can make a difference out there in the world.
Premakarini xo
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