I found these two poems in a book that I was gifted recently. I feel like they speak volumes about my life experience, so I wanted to share them with you.

Have You Seen
by Jane Mara

Have you seen
The Holy One?
I passed her today
Thin shoulders slumped
Face pinched-
The grey road

Just so, at ten
Must she have trudged
Home from school,
Not knowing

And then, right there,
On the busy street
I saw a soft glow
From inside
Reaching through
The haze of her
To make a cloud
Of light
And I knew
is how Angels
Me, see
This is how

In My Blood
by Kaci Faylee Elder

I have learned to wear long sleeves in modest places,
To bow in prayer to another's god,
To wash dishes with the women of my fmaily
Without pitying the long steps they stand apart from power.

As my lover's Republican brother drives away,
I have learned to love him for his passion, for the
Love and life that we share.

When the ailing grandfather calls me "girl,"
I practice my smile, knowing he is wrong, but also
Knowing I don't always have to say.

Once upon a time, I wore my flags in full color,
Afraid how others could easily unravel them with a cut word,
And arched eyebrow, the well-intended laugh, and so
I needed to announce myself pre-emptively-
Such deep defenses then.

But years and endurance have woven those flags into tapestries
Of my muscles, my tendons, ligaments.
Thick into bone and miasma, too.
Pumping through arteries until my
Opinions and votes and talking points have become, just,
Another organ of me.
I realize, at last,
It is only with this ease that
I can love.