Planetary Water Clearing

Thank you so much for participating in the clearing of the Planetary Water.
Please click on the link below and join me for a short video visit to my favorite beach!
Gratitude At The Beach
I have been doing some research into The Planetary Water on the 3rd dimension and want to share what I am learning and understanding with you. It seems pretty useful to have an understanding of the physical representation of something as a starting point for reading energy and clearing.
Great information is available from the US Geological Service. The complete page, which is beautifully illustrated, is included on the blog.
What is the planetary water?
There is ONE WATER on The Earth.
The hydrosphere is all the waters on The Earth's surface, the oceans, the lakes and seas, the clouds, the water in you and me, and in all the plants, animals and humans. This water covers more than 70% of the Earth's surface.
The World Ocean, or global ocean, is the interconnected system of the Earth's oceanic (or marine) waters, and comprises the bulk of the _hydrosphere_which is 96% salt water.
The total volume of of this water is approximately 332,500,000 cubic miles. I am used to thinking of water in gallons. So, doing the math, it is estimated that 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 (three hundred and twenty-six million trillion) gallons of water are present on The Earth.
• This volume can be represented as a sphere with a diameter of about 860 miles.
What Are We Clearing?
In this particular clearing we are looking at energy forms that exist in dimensions other than the physical 3rd and 4th dimensions that we perceive with our physical senses. This is what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our noses, taste with our tongues, feel with our skin. Most, if not all, of the physical world, the 3rd and 4th dimensions, also exists on other dimensions. There are connections between the dimensions, openings, doorways, portalways. Conscious beings on other dimensions are interacting with the 3rd and 4th dimensions all the time. Not all of these interactions are life enhancing for The Earth. This is what we are clearing.
In addition to the clearing, I have included information on the positive openings and positive beings that are interacting through The Planetary Water to bring life enhancing energies to The Earth. This is exciting information that will be included in all future readings I do for Property Clearings.
Please click here for the blog to read the details of the The Clearing of The Planetary Water, which was completed on February 9th.
I hope you are enjoying working with imprinting beautiful energy into your drinking and cooking water through Dr. Masuro Emoto's technology of loving words facing inward to your water. I am loving this, and I am sure my water is too ;)
To further bless the Planetary Water, I am taking crystals to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and immerse them in the salt water of the tide pools. The crystals will send their blissful energy into the water, as well as receive renewal in return.
You might want to place your crystals in natural flowing water.
Sending love,
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