Mercury Retrograde 02.23.2013


by Center of Awareness on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 5:56pm ·
The planet mercury rules the mind, communications, and electronics of all types.  On February 23rd mercury turns backwards for approximately three weeks.  When any planet turns retrograde (backward) it slows down.  It's time to revisit, revise, reschedule, and remove just about anything that begins with "RE" is what the theme is about during this time.  It's also a time when we might run into people from our past.
This Rx period MAY be particularly challenging and potentially CRAZY MAKING, especially for Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo.   Or those who have a lot of Gemini and Virgo planets (not necessarily the sun sign).
Mercury will be in Pisces the whole time. Gemini (the communicator) and Virgo (the perfectionist) are very challenged with having their minds running backwards in this deep watery sign.  They want clear facts. Instead, during this retrograde period you get hazy, fuzzy information so unclear that it's completely mind boggling.
As planet mercury retrogrades is will collide with the planet mars right away.  This could create anger in people that may completely take you by surprise!  It may take them by surprise!  People can be completely misguided if not using this energy wisely and positively.
Listen to and observe your surroundings.  Do your best not to be reactive to others.  Try to speak with kindness and compassion.
Creative outlets are a very important during this time.  Use your imagination to create, assist others, organize/attend musical and/or spiritual events.  Journal how you see the rest of the year unfolding for you.  
Pisces has the potential for self-undoing, becoming the victim, indulging in something to take them away from reality.  Be mindful that if you start indulging in negative ways to quickly STOP and find other situations to put yourself in.  Meditate, walk, workout, create, pray; help others that are struggling worse than yourself.  Music can soothe the soul as well as a good book.
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Wishing you all the most creative, self-connecting and imaginative three weeks!
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