Do you know WHEN to eat your sweet potato?

Or how about when to take L-Lysine & what it's important role plays in your bodies largest organ, your skin.....

What is L-Glutamine's important function in weight management, your immune system & healing?

Do you know where L-Tyrosine comes from or why it might be a good thing to supplement?

Do do want to learn how to jump start your metabolism?

How would you like to learn how to drop up to 30 pounds in 30 days, while building muscle & address any other wellness goals you may have.....

Well LEARN all this & is the time to look at your health & wellness goals......learn all the nutritional info you need to care for your temple & GET IN on our February special -----> over 60% off our regular program!

It's official................allot of peeps are saying they only need to release 30 pounds or we have decided to RUN a "30 Day Challenge" (this is a shortened version of our regular weight management program, at a MUCH reduced rate)....this is a one-on-one challenge, though it may be beneficial to sign up with a buddy, friend, significant other, child, sibling or spouse, so you have more support & motivation.  The program will include the following: metabolic evaluation(a $250 value), menu plan, with daily meals, (useable for ALL family members) shopping lists, (REAL food from the outside isles of the grocery store) food prep instructions, recipes, supplement list, proper cardio training, FULL use of the fitness center which includes a theater style cardio room, separate resistance training/weight room & full circuit workout room, complete with 10+ machines. This also INCLUDES the WBV system (up to 3x a week on WBV equipment, a $120 value) plus unlimited questions, support, motivation & communication for 30 days. This will also include you in the newsletters & motivational info. As well as 2x a week check in (to include weight via text & daily menu diary via email).

Check out our website at & call to schedule your evaluation today.....SPRING is right around the corner, WHAT is YOUR health & wellness GOAL!!??

Be well & be blessed.

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