As I Age

As I Age

As I age
I no longer cry about my misfortunes
Since I know I can never really miss my fortune
It's always there for me

As I age
I've come to know "me" so intimately
And I laugh at myself when I still play the victim... or the villain
Knowing how silly these roles are

As I age
I see my dyed red hair whispering the truth from my roots
Telling my secrets to the world, while I continue to shush it every 6 weeks
with sparkling eyes of defiance

As I age
I realize that even though seduction is a powerful tool
I don't need to keep it at the top of my toolbox anymore
My own Divine Light is a much handier choice

As I age
I become aware of the 100s of paintings and poems that have gotten lost in my daily grind
But I trust that all of the self expression that I have never expressed
Will unleash through my children... or someone else's

As I age
I see my mother, my aunt, my grandmother and her mother in my reflection
And I know there's still time for me to be all that they could not
And I set myself free to be that

As I age
I become so much less concerned with who I should be and what you think of me
And so much more aware of who I am and what I think of myself
Which gets better every day

As I age
I look over my life and see my pain, my joy, my challenge, my triumph, my heartbreak, my healing 
and I see my love shining through it all, smiling in every moment
of my blessed existence


Anonymous said…
I love this, Deborah! : )