Wolf Moon Meditation - 1/26

 The first Full moon for 2013 contains strong energy for transformation, healing & manifestation. 

122 Green Bay Rd.
Thiensville, WI 53092 
Thiensville Mill Prof Bldg
 (Side Door - off parking lot)

Saturday, January 26, 7-9pm
"This is a potentially a very soothing, loving balm of a Full Moon. The aspect pattern of the cradle is like a sponge that absorbs mankind’s negativity, reflects it back to us in such a way that we do not get defensive or frightened, but actually can see what we need to work on."  See below for more info.

The effects of the full moon are obviously very powerful on us individually and collectively. Some of us can feel it tangibly in the heightened energy. It can make sleeping difficult, and for some people, it can make you (& your life) go a little crazy!

The trick is to harness and use this energy for the greater good. Everything in this world has a purpose. The full moon and her energy can help us on our spiritual journey to give us a little boost. To achieve the things we struggle with, such as healing, changing what doesn't work in our lives and manifesting our deepest dreams, hopes and desires.

The more you practice working with this powerful energy, the more effective it can be for you.

At these full moon meditations, we practice developing our sensitivity to the energy of la luna, and bringing it into our energy field, along with the powerful energies of the Earth and other elements. After a brief discussion about what is happening in the world right now, we will begin our meditation with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony.

Next will be a resting meditation (Yoga Nidra) where we will be connecting deeply with the Earth, Moon, Air, Water & Fire from the Galactic Core.

The more one practices this meditation, the deeper you will go and the more effective the healing & transformation.

Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket.

COST: Free Will Love Donation (suggested: $10-$20)

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I look forward to seeing you soon!


Peter Ross Voigt

More on this full moon:

Full Wolf Moon – January, amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Thus, the name for January’s full Moon. Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule. Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon.

The FULL MOON cycle (lasting about 3 days each month) gives us a reality check on the new beginnings we made during the prior New Moon. Suddenly, we have the insight to view our lives – and see current situations – more objectively than usual.
If we have consciously used the New Moon to make wishes for changes we would like to begin happening in our lives, the Full Moon will give us the opportunity to reevaluate our progress. We will be able to see what changes have already begun to occur, and make necessary adjustments to bring our dreams into manifestation.
If we have been “asleep” and not used the prior New Moon to make new beginnings, when the moon is Full, we will be aware that it’s just the “same ole, same ole” and are likely to become emotional or frustrated because our life course is not advancing in the direction of our dreams. This is why people become so emotional when the Moon is Full- they are aware of what needs to change, and hasn’t changed, and feel upset– sometimes taking radical actions in an attempt to force change.
The FULL MOON shines objectively on the Sun- our special tools for creating our own destiny. It grants us a bigger picture– an awareness of what is being created in our lives.
The beauty of living life with an awareness of using these astrological cycles is that we are living our lives “from the inside out”. We are no longer simply “marking time” – thrown around by the whims of circumstances and other people – until we leave these bodies. We are using our time on Earth consciously, to deliberately move toward fulfilling the dreams in our hearts.

We have had some intense eclipses, harsh moons and the Jupiter/Lilith Yod that have left us rather battered and bruised at the end of 2012, not least the fall-out from 2012s Uranus square Pluto hits. I guess by now, there are a few people left reeling from what did, or did NOT happen on December 21 2012. This Full moon then is just what the doctor ordered, here to mop up the carrot-spewed remnants of the 2012 New Years party. The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is “A Communist Activist Spreading his revolutionary ideals”. This speaks of an old order having to make way for a new dynamic youth, reflecting the exciting Moon trine Uranus energy. Obviously this is the start of the year too so we are feeling that new fresh 2013 air breezing into our consciousness with the hope of the new. Before we can illuminate and start working with these new insights, the Sabian symbol reminds us that there may be a stage of chaos where the old “cronies” need to be removed quite forcibly. The “cronies” maybe infantile behaviour that has been inherited from past generations. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, these traits can be replaced by others from your more wiser elders. One doesn’t need to disinherit the whole family, just weed out the bad apples.
This is a potentially a very soothing, loving balm of a Full Moon. The aspect pattern of the cradle is like a sponge that absorbs mankind’s negativity, reflects it back to us in such a way that we do not get defensive or frightened, but actually can see what we need to work on. This is the “good cop”, the tactful nurse and the patient teacher. We find ourselves coerced out of bad behaviour because there is the promise of the pot of Ambrosia at the end of it.

Healing Massage

Back in Wisconsin
for 3 more weeks

Donation Special
You pay what you can afford!

Although people do receive great relief from pain, the healing is usually much deeper than just relieving physical symptoms. 

How about releasing sadness? Or anger? Guilt, shame, fear and anxiety are things that we all carry around with us, every day, in our bodies, hearts and minds.

It is possible to let these things go and live in joy, peace of mind and love.

I have at least one appointment available most days over the next 2 weeks, bringing the energy from the tropics and the solstice!

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