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Get Blissed!
An Event to Blow Your Mind (in such a good way)
10am-4pm   Sat Feb 23
Feronia Wellness Center
N112W16760 Mequon Road
Germantown, WI 53022
262.293.3006   EMAIL

FREE Admission * FREE Higher Brain Living Demo * FREE Meditation or $10 Gift Certificate for HBL Attendees
Classes, Services, Lunches Priced + Registered Separately

products + services.
Essentials by Jovan with Skye Mathisen Wuteska, Tarot Card Readings with Pattie PetersonPsychic Readings + Energy Healing with Kristina BloomIntuitive Consults with Deborah Lighthart

10am-11:30am GET HIGH! Higher Brain Demo with Tally Hayden   FREE REGISTER HERE
Higher Brain Living® is not just an evolution. It’s a revolution. This one-of-a-kind, mind, body, spirit approach created by Dr. Michael Cotton opens you. It awakens you. For the first time in history, you can actually change the physiology of your brain and open to an energy surge that creates a lasting pathway from the primitive fear-based lower brain to a lifetime of Higher Brain happiness, purpose and growth.

11:30am-12pm PALETTE PLEASER! Vegetarian Lunch Plate with Natalie Haas   $10 REGISTER HERE
This lunch plate includes a grilled veggie sandwich, a warm bowl of lentil soup, a side order of avocado pasta salad and bottled spring water. All lunches must be pre-registered. We will not have extras available during the event.

12pm-1pm  GET BLISSED! Guided Meditation with Deborah Lighthart   $10 REGISTER HERE
Through a blend of meditation + visualization, breathing exercises + energy healing,  Deborah will take you on a love + light-filled journey of personal awareness and spiritual awakening. Each session is created using the unique energy vibrations + focusing on the specific needs of all who have gathered together. So it is designed JUST FOR YOU in whatever moment in time you choose to join us. Topics + content flow freely to facilitate the healing process for the entire group, as well as anyone listening to the recordings in the future. Deborah's gentle, soothing voice will help you to easily let go of any stresses in your world + to unlock the true healing power within you.

1pm-2:30pm  LIGHTEN UP! Detox/Weight Release Class with Tally Hayden   FREE REGISTER HERE
The Rejuvenation Program is a highly successful hypothalamus balancing program that allows individuals to release excess fat in a short 21-day cycle.  Typically, people release around 1/2 pound or more a day.  This is a detoxification that stimulates and corrects your body’s natural ability to keep the weight off.  The program works by essentially resetting the hypothalamus (a gland located in the brain that controls metabolism).  The hypothalamus, over the years, becomes overtaxed by all the toxins in the average diet, which in turn slows down the metabolism.  Using organic foods and the program products helps your body release the stored fat

3pm-3:30pm   BE JOY! Sound Healing with Lee Ann Baum WLMT CS   $10 REGISTER HERE
This Sound Healing concert is beyond entertaining. Lee Ann’s sound healing moves the listener with intentional sounds and music designed to stimulate, relax, connect, heal, awaken, and transport.  Healing music and sound can integrate one's emotions and consciousness in states of heightened well-being. An experience that will Soothe, Inspire and Awaken Your Spirit.


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