Clearing The Planetary Water

Dear Friends of Feronia,

I wonder how you are experiencing the energy shift that continues to occur since the Winter Solstice of 2012. I felt quite inspired, even elated, right at that time. Yet within a short time I noticed I was slipping into lower frequencies of anxiety and worry in the same areas of my life that tugged at me before. These frequencies calibrate at about 100 on the Map of the Scale of Consciousness, as developed by the late Dr. David Hawkins. If you have had a Soul Profile Reading with me, you are familiar with this scale.
To stop this "back sliding" I decided to consciously focus on changing the behaviors that trigger these feelings. Taking action in the physical world seems much harder than working with energy. Yet, the physical is energy, too. I wondered what could help me make these changes.

Then I started to receive guidance about working with Water!

So, I am writing to you today to invite you to participate in the Energy Clearing of The Planetary Water. The Earth is at least 70% Water, and so are we as human beings. So as we clear the Planetary Water, we will be doing the same for at least 70% of our own bodies!

Technologies now exist, and have existed for quite some time, that are capable of returning The Water of our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, and Streams to their natural pristine condition. These technologies are not being used, and are even being hidden, because the major changes in power structures that reflect the new scientific paradigm are not yet fully in place.

However, NOTHING can prevent us from clearing The Water on the energy levels ;) So, let's do it! This will definitely lead to changes in the physical nature of The Water.

There are energy healing technologies that have been scientifically demonstrated to alter the molecular structure of water molecules. These are not even new. One is the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto who published his findings on the effects of thoughts on water over a decade ago. These results have been featured in such popular movies as What the Bleep Do We Know?! Here is a link to Dr. Emoto's web site:

Beautiful water clearing technology

While I work on clearing The Earth's Water, and consequently The Water of all human bodies, plants, and animals, I will send periodic informational emails to you if you choose to participate. As with the Attunement of The Earth & Human Primary Chakra Systems, all you need to do to contribute and receive this clearing is reply to this email.

Here is something you can begin to do immediately: Following Dr. Emoto's well documented findings, treat the water you drink. On a small piece of paper, write words of higher consciousness, such as "Love," "Thank you," "Gratitude," "Forgiveness," "Peace," etc. Then tape this paper, the word side inward, toward the water in your glass, bottle or jug. As you drink and cook with this water, you will be transforming the structure of 70% of your body!

I am doing this with my water now, recently reminded by a good friend. It is something I did years ago when I was first introduced to Dr. Emoto's information. Then, I let go and did not continue. I know now that letting go of these simple ways of transforming my physical energy only leads to lethargy and and keeps me stuck in old ways. Our Planet is changing. We can help.

Please join me in this clearing of The Earth's Water, in which we are One. I will be in touch again soon.

Sending love,
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