At this critical time of change, humanity is poised to experience the dawning of a new golden age. The mass consciousness of people on this planet is being awakened. How one experiences this leap forward in consciousness evolution will depend on the ability to sustain the heightened vibrational energy needed to engage in this process of expanding consciousness. It has been known for aeons by ancient solar cultures that taking in the light of the sun enhances the ability to increase the energy frequency within the body. Many spiritual traditions teach that the eyes are the “window to the soul”. Scientific studies have substantiated that the eyes contain photo receptor cells that can absorb sunlight and transfer that light energy to the DNA of the body for healing and spiritual awakening.
The key that opens the door to this magnificent pathway to spiritual luminescence involves the ability to sustain the vibrational energy of unconditional love. The Sun is the light source for all life on this planet. The collective power of working with the sun to live the path of enlightened consciousness will create the future for our planet. Are you prepared to take responsibility to live that path and hold the energy of love needed to transform the world into a golden age never before experienced in the history of humankind? Attending this seminar will assist you to answer that question.

  • Date: January 26, 2013
  • Time: 1 to 3pm
  • Cost: $40
  • Location: The Healing Place, N112W16760 Mequon Road, Germantown, WI
  • Please RSVP to: 262-719-0030 or email

Facilitator: Peig Myota, BSN, MSW, OMOHC is a Spiritual Counselor and Metaphysical Teacher. She is certified by nationally recognized teachers in Energy Healing. Peig is a faculty member of the International Jamilian University. She has traveled globally to study energy healing and spiritual traditions across all cultures. She presents national and international seminars related to Energy Frequency Healing, Spiritual DNA Activation and Solar Consciousness. Her Counseling work includes BioAcoustic Voice Frequency Evaluation, Soul Centered Counseling and Aura Color Personality Profile Analysis. She facilitates a Solar Light Private Study Program, and teaches classes including The New Enlightened Christianity and Working with the Light of the Sun to Awaken Our Inner Light.

The Healing Place  N112 W16760 Mequon Road, Germantown, WI 53022