Redemption Release: It's GO TIME!

Over halfway done with the pledge period, but only 17% funded!!  It's make-or-break time!!
The good news: There are a lot of backers, but there are also a lot of potential backers waiting on the sidelines!  Are you one of them? :)  My goal is to convince you to pledge NOW. :)  Here's why that's important:
There are bigger donors waiting to see if momentum picks up. If you pledge your support now, they will step in.  And the sooner they step in, the more we can raise with only two weeks left!  

Go to Paul's Kickstarter Page!

IMPORTANT: It has come to my attention there's some confusion over how the Kickstarter process works -- and it's causing some of you to delay your pledge!  Here are the major points of interest:
* You are pledging a donation, in exchange for a series of exciting rewards, to be a part of an exclusive group of folks who are helping my dream become a reality. This is so deeply important to me! Thank you!
* That pledge will NOT be charged to your credit card unless the goal of $15,000 is met by Tuesday, December 19th, 10PM Eastern / 7PM Pacific.
* If we don't meet the goal, no one is charged. (That means I get zero dollars towards Redemption's release.)
* The rewards are cumulative -- the higher you pledge, the more rewards you receive!
* All of this pressure -- the deadline, the all-or-nothing approach -- means we all have to work together, tell our friends, pitch in even the smallest amount, to make this succeed!
This really is powered by YOU. Which is even more powerful, in my opinion, because this MUSIC is powered by you. And succeeding with this release will allow me to record the dozens of tracks I've written in recent months. So much more to share with you! :) But first, let's hit Redemption out of the park.

I need to raise at least $12,376 in less than 14 days to launch Redemption nationally. Please pledge what you can, or at least share with friends and family.

With all my gratitude,
~ Paul

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