Positivity vs Negativity

On any given day, you head to your job. It's a typical day and everything goes well or so you think. Then something happens to change your positive outlook on the day. Whether it's something involving you or not, your brains thought pattern changes. Suddenly, your once positive happy day now takes on negativeness.

Your persona now conveys negative energy. While bringing up the issue(s) to someone else may help you feel better, the negative energy remains and builds. There's hope even if the office, area, or department you work in breathes negativeness.

I remember back to the days of the original Strawberry Shortcake and Friends and what they'd say to someone unhappy, "turn that frown upside down". This produces a smile. You have the power within yourself to replace negative energy with positive energy and opportunity.

Try turning a negative comment into a positive one. Look at the brighter side or outcome. Don't feed the negativeness with more negativeness, instead ignore it, shrug it off, write about it to vent, take a break or reason it. Just don't give into it. You'll soon notice an energy shift not only in yourself, but also the people around you and the environment. Positivity is contagious! Apply this technique to your everyday life.

What kind of world do you want to live in?