Happy Holidays from CinnerG Systems

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December 2012
Happy Holidays from Jeoff & Dawn!
Creek 2012 Winter Wonderful Life
Well we had our White Christmas and at our house it looks like a Winter Wonderland. I love the way the snow hangs on the trees & the steam from the creek makes icicles hang. The steam creates an aura of magic. The sun shines & everything looks like crystals. This is the time I love to be cozy & warm on the inside & embrace the magic all around. I have been deeply nurturing & caring for myself, finding all those places I hold things & letting them shift to new awareness. Deep peace is finding its way through my being & knowing I am perfect as I am. All of this leading to the remembering of what I love about life.

One of those things is the Sacred Sound that we love to share. Please join the Sound Alchemists on Friday, December 28th for an evening of celebrating the new. Whatever the new is for you - new beginnings from the solstice or the Mayans or the New Year coming in a few days. Whatever you are choosing to express in new ways come & allow us to create a sacred space for your expansion of this choosing. We love to hold a space for you to be more.

Sacred Sound for the New Year
Friday, December 28th
7-9, $10 holiday special

Infinity Healing Center
3305 N 124th Street
Brookfield, WI 53005

We have plenty of instruments for you to play along or just relax & enjoy. This is all about you. Allow yourself the experience that feels the best. We will play, sing & all will harmonize in wonderful ways to bring forth your choosing.

Please call Jeoff (262-894-3515) or email cinnerg@earthlink.net for more information.

We are so excited to play with you.

In Wonder of Life,

Jeoffrey & Dawn

PS - Call Jeoff to further care for yourself or others to get a massage (262-894-3515)

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