Full Moon Meditation - Friday 7-9pm

 The final Full moon for 2012 contains strong energy for transformation and healing.

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We are at the culmination of an extraordinary series of celestial events, a cosmic interplanetary consciousness activation cycle. We’ve been waiting for years - maybe lifetimes - for this moment. This is the time to get together & celebrate. December is the month of rebirth, the time to grow, expand and experience group consciousness.
December 3rd 2012
The planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus and Saturn that happens every 2,737 years.
December 12th, 2012 - “12-12-12 Triple Portal Activation”
New Moon & Trinity activation of the planetary 12 facets of crystalline grid system,
12 dimensions of Earth and the 12 strands of the DNA.
December 21st, 2012 - “The Change of Age”
Winter solstice & the end of the Mayan calendar – every 26,000 years;
Alignment of Earth, Sun and the Center of the Galaxy, a new beginning!
December 28th, 2012
Last Full Moon of 2012, complete the cycle, integrate the changes.
Step into 2013 and enter universal consciousness!
I hope to see you soon!


Peter Ross Voigt

More on this full moon:

Called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes, this full moon on December 28th will fall in the sign of Cancer. Cancer rules the home, land, property, roommates and our parent or whomever we see in parental roles. It is time to plan roots or to plan for the future. You will be planning the future of your career, finances and where you want to settle down. It seems to me that you may also find yourself having to leave the home if you feel its time to move on. Saturn and Neptune support the full moon. Saturn brings stability and security. Neptune brings creativity and illusion. It’s time to face reality and see what is in front of you. You will tackle any task and project and plan for the long term. There will be great stability for the future. You seem more organized for the future. It's plans you set now that will help build for many years to come. Pluto oppose the full moon as this can be a time to get organized but it can also be quite an emotional time. You may feel emotional and sensitive. It may be time to just let go one part of your life to move into the next chapter. There are times when you just need to take chances or else you will never know what is on the other side. There will be connections to the home but also on family and finances. I feel there will also be some relation to women in your life or a particular woman as the full moon is feminine.

Women will be affected by this full moon especially being in the sign of Cancer. You may feel more emotional and sensitive. Men may hear more from women and may have to deal with issues relating to the home. It could be a mother, wife, sibling or friend. I feel the full moon will be very helpful but can also make you face the realities of life.

The full moon will affect everyone. Pisces, Virgos, Capricorns and Cancer will also feel the full moon stronger because it falls in personal houses relating to relationships, friends, children, lovers and your own personal wants and needs.

The full moon will help you to see what needs change and to take these changes in a subtle way as it will produce results. Every small step will pay off. ~ http://www.keen.com/

From Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:

"This is the final Full moon for 2012 and it contains some strong energy for transformation and healing. The Full Moon in Cancer at 7 degrees occurs on December 28th, 2012…”

“There are some memories so deeply embedded within the Unconscious, that they need to be exposed for transformation and healing to take place so they no longer influence your life or behaviors. Why hold on to painful memories from your own life or that of your family ancestors and genetic lineage…”

“What could be the key themes or issues surfacing now? They will be around family,  roots or belonging, rejection, abandonment, emotional security, financial or professional security as well as death, dying, letting go of the past and moving past old comfort zones.”

“…Be receptive to healing and also remain open to allowing things to wash away and prepare your inner container for new beginnings by being in the present moment. Let the raw emotion of rejection, abandonment and emotional betrayal heal.  Allow love to caress you and nourish you on every level.”

“One major astrological configuration is: Sun ‘Conjunct’ Pluto in Capricorn both Opposing the Moon in Cancer while making a tense ‘Square’ aspect to Uranus in Aries. There will be exposure and illumination of whatever is decaying or falling apart so it can be cleansed. “

“Also it is possible to experience out of the blue or unexpected external situation, circumstance or issue that intensely pushes into your personal space or bypasses porous boundaries. The sudden shock or something coming up to a boil sets things in motion or possibly creates an eruption. Everything may feel chaotic and then after the emotions are felt and pass, clarity and objectivity follows.”

“Remember the potential to to “clear” away the stuck stuff and make you aware of the Spiritual insight and purpose. It is an opportunity to be emotionally empowered and assertive. From the level of Soul, the painful experiences(s)  reveal or point towards where you have closed yourself off to love or abandoned yourself. Practice being responsible for how you emotionally react to things or situations. Be mature enough to fulfill your need(s) with the help of Soul and the Divine.“

“The Full Moon in Cancer may feel extra potent on an emotional and psychological level. It has the potential to trigger extreme emotional reactions (even infantile reactions) with possible emotional eruptions.  Leading up to and the day of the full moon and a day or two after, it’s possible for people to feel especially prickly, cranky and even act in passive/aggressive ways.”

“The theme of ‘moodiness’ perfect describes the Full Moon in Cancer. Of course the end of the year or Holiday blues tend to catch up with those believing in the “loneliness” story within the mind. It is possible that emotions go high and low, but turn to healthy alternatives to help you balance and gain perspective.”

“Another piece to the Full Moon in Cancer is that people have a tendency to live on auto-pilot tend to carry forward sticky emotional guilt, painful memories, family curses, intense bitterness within the ancestral lineage without even questioning anything. And at times this plays it out in their personal lives or with situations in present time. The old story repeats in a loop like a memory.”

“The Full Moon in Cancer offers a wonderful opportunity to let go of being on auto-pilot and detox. Allow whatever is meant to be exposed to be revealed you can face it head on and move forward.”

“It it also possible one’s family or ancestors that have transitioned (died or left the physical body) will be around to support this important phase and transformation. They too want to contribute so that the ancient patterns heal and become whole and healthy once again.”

Healing Massage

Back in Wisconsin!

Although people do receive great relief from pain, the healing is usually much deeper than just relieving physical symptoms. 

How about releasing sadness? Or anger? Guilt, shame, fear and anxiety are things that we all carry around with us, every day, in our bodies, hearts and minds.

It is possible to let these things go and live in joy, peace of mind and love.

I have at least one appointment available most days over the next 2 weeks, bringing the energy from the tropics and the solstice!

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