And everything will bring a chain of love...

A dear friend came to me for a session recently. She has found her twin flame soulmate and is experiencing incredibly rapid spiritual awakening because of it. For those who are not familiar with the "Twin Flame" soul connection, you can check a little more information about it at: Twin flame relationships can stir up some powerful emotional waves in your world, details on that experience are available at: 

Once you know a thing or two about twin flames, you will see that the fire between the twins is so strong that they often cannot take it head on or all at once, even though they are so very drawn to one another. Their relationships are marked by a fantasticly delicious soul connection, feeling an intimate connection well beyond a normal "falling in love" kind of feeling. It is like romantic love playing on a radio with the volume turned all the way up as far as it goes without the speakers breaking (sometimes even with the speakers breaking. lol) The intensity is so strong that it also stirs up fears and insecurities, almost like a super powered flashlight going through your soul to find the shadows. It can sometimes feel like there is a huge spotlight on your "stuff" and there kinda is. Your twin flame connection blasts your soul open to let Love pour in, but as your "stuff" surfaces, it doesn't always feel that way. 

My friend has this amazing connection with her twin flame, but her beloved is experiencing extreme awareness of his own vulnerabilities. This often results in a need for him to create distance between them. He "pulls away" from her on a regular basis, which can sometimes stir up uncomfortable feelings for her. When I asked the Angels what she needed to do when he pulled away, they responded with, 

"Open your heart like a gently blossoming flower. No matter what you see on the outside, allow your love to continue to bloom on the inside. Because you are "one," because you are one soul separated into two bodies, when you practice this exercise, his heart will bloom too."

What a great exercise! I could immediately feel how powerful it was for her to keep loving, for her to keep gently fanning the flame between them and how very connected they were to each other, so that as she practiced healing her own heart, it healed his too. This is such helpful information for anyone in a twinflame relationship, but also incredibly helpful for ANYONE in ANY kind of relationship. 

We are ALL ONE

All of our hearts are connected. 

We are not just one soul separated into two bodies, we are one soul separated into millions of bodies. When we allow ourselves to feel love for our partners, our children, our parents, our friends, our neighbors, or for total strangers, we are opening the channels within ourselves, which opens the channels within them too.

For today, I invite you to strengthen the chain of love that binds us all. Allow yourself to continue loving, no matter what. When your own fears + insecurities surface, just let them gently release and give yourself to the power of love. Let It guide you to and through forgiveness... healing.... vulnerability....  Let Love blossom within you, bigger and stronger and brighter than ever before, knowing that it will catch us all like wildfire, sparking more love in each and every living being all over the entire planet.

May the force of love be with you. 

Better yet, may the force of love BE you.


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