Kickstarter! And a Music Video Preview!

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to announce my Kickstarter page just launched!!

Play Paul's Kickstarter Video!

Please watch the video to witness "stories of Redemption" from people who have healed from physical, emotional, and spiritual trials by using my music. I even include my own story of "Redemption," one I never expected to happen. On this Thanksgiving holiday, I could not be more grateful for these stories.

As an added bonus, there's a sneak peek of my music video, "Lullaby for the Mending Heart."

As we enter the holiday season, you'll find the pledge rewards make great gifts!  A Skype music lesson with Paul, a special online concert, Redemption sheet music book, and personalized thank you cards… and each pledge level includes all previous rewards, making them an amazing deal!


The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is to finally give Redemption an official release. I truly believe this music deserves to be out in the world, especially after seeing the effect it's had on others. 

Why is Redemption being "officially released" two years after many of you received the first copies?

Most record companies would have kept it a secret until all the music videos and PR campaigns were lined up. But I didn't want to wait to release the music to my friends, family, and fans, so you got it the moment it was finished.  And I'm glad, because of how many people found solace in it, like my Aunt whose story is included in the Kickstarter video.

After a lot of work shooting music videos and preparing for a proper release (while also holding a day job!), Redemption is finally ready to be in stores, on iTunes, in magazines/newspapers/radio/TV.  That takes a massive effort, but the team I've put together is the cream of the crop!  We've put together a marketing plan, ready to be implemented at the successful close of Kickstarter.

For those of you anxiously awaiting new music, I do have some gorgeous cinematic pieces I'll be recording and will share them track-by-track as they're finished. I promise I won't bottle it up this time. ;)

Thanks for listening. And Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Paul

© Paul Spaeth

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