Group crossing over and The Art of Sound Healing this sat!!!!

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Date: Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 4:20 PM
Subject: Group crossing over and The Art of Sound Healing this sat!!!!

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A Group Crossing Over Reading and The Art of Sound Healing

When: Nov 17 2012 09 30 am - 04 00 pm

1800 So. 92nd St. 53214

Please save the date for this exciting program with Martina Schmidt in the morning and and Jeoffrey Hutcherson in the afternoon
In the morning, Martina will provide group crossing Over messages from the other side of the veil.

Martina Schmidt is a gifted Spiritual Counsellor and Minister who has presented or our team many times in the past. She brings insight, humour and an intuitive touch to every program.

Martina is able to bring messages from the other side to many (but certainly not all) of the members in the audience. Who comes through is often controlled by those on the other side, so no promises can be made. But there are often messages that can be helpful to everyone, and these readings help to provide us with the certainty that life does survive so called death.
In the afternoon, we will experience the Art of Sound Healing with The Sound Alchemists 

Explore how sound helps the body move slow moving energy. See how the pure sounds from drums, crystal bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, rattles, Native American flutes and the didgeridoo affect your body, mind, and soul.

What you will experience in this sound "play"-shop:

1. The art of transformative new thoughts: Native American flute mediation.

2. The place of In-completeness': Tibetan bowl, gong bath meditation.

3. Cradle of creation: O.N.E ness Crystal bowl concert meditation.

4. Heartbeat of the universe: Drumming/ Didgeridoo meditation.

5. The Sounds of life meditation: How we let our Souls sing.
Sound moves through your body and allows you to flow as one with the music in the "you-in-verse". Let the sound move around and through you to achieve your natural alignment and "be happy".

Jeoffrey Hutcherson is the Author, Public Speaker and has been guiding people through this powerful, playful process of Sound healing for almost ten years.

Dawn Leader and Joe Tretow are both Masterful players in this arena as well.
They bring a wonderful joy and grace to the experience. We have lots of fun, in groups or in private sessions.
To register for this program just email to Rich Johnston  
The cost will be $40, and includes a light lunch.

You can register by mail at any time by mailing a check to Wisconsin Area ARE to
Rich Johnston - Registrar
413 Thomas Dr.
Wales, Wi 53183
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This is going to be Poppin!!!! hope to see you there have Fun everyone

Jeoff Hutcherson
CinnerG Systems
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