A Return to Love

A Return to Love
by Guest Blogger, Crystal Ravanelli of http://transformationtocrystal.wordpress.com/

Return to Love

The Heart said, “Love.”
“But, I want to keep safe,” stated Woundedness.
“Those walls are a prison,” stated the Heart.
“This way—no one can hurt me,” countered Woundedness.
The Heart replied, “Isn’t neglecting love and stopping it from entering causing more hurt?”
Woundedness, not knowing what to say, grasped at straws, “I do have so much love around me and I am beginning to let it in.”
The Heart stated, “Ah yes, that has been beautiful and each day the love expands. What about the love you run from?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know exactly what I mean.”
Woundedness admitted, “Ok, so I run.”
The Heart probed, “And…”
Woundedness is annoyed, “And… what?”
The Heart waited.
Woundedness finally released, “Fine. I run from myself and I run from others.”
The Heart sat reflectively listening.
Woundedness continued, “I hurt. I have been abandoned, abused, betrayed, rejected, and… and…”
The heart gently replied, “Yes. This cannot be denied. Will you let those things overshadow all the beauty of life and the beauty you have witnessed?”
Woundedness retorted, “That is my story though. When no one else was there for me—I found my own friend in Pain.”
“Is Pain really a friend?”
Woundeness defensively replied, “Who else will be there?  I know Pain… I can’t risk anyone new. I only got this far because I protected myself.”
“What do you fear?”
“What do you mean—what do I fear?”
The Heart pressed, “What do you fear?”
Woundedness began to cry, “What if I am broken beyond repair? I think I would just die!”
“Did you die after being abandoned, abused, betrayed, and rejected?”
“No, I, as Woundedness, grew.”
“What happened when peace and love flooded in?”
Woundedness sobbed, “I opened more. I didn’t try to fight or run. I softened. I subsided. I chose to love and let love in.”
The Heart was consoling and stated, “You are worthy of all the beauty in the world and love.”
“What will happen to me though?”
“Woundedness. You will always be Woundedness. Fears of what has happened or could happen will keep you from letting love heal those wounds. Fear or love—there is a choice,” stated the Heart.
“Won’t I still be there? What will happen to Pain?”
The Heart stated, “Oh yes! Woundedness, Pain and you serve as the greatest opportunity to return to love, compassion, kindness, healing, and humanity. Both of you have made sure there is a greater capacity for me, as a Heart, to love. Without you both—I would not have grown, expanded, and been cracked open. Woundedness, Pain makes sure you are a raw reminder to what needs to be worked on.”
Woundedness is overwhelmed, “I have no idea what to say…Where do we go from here?”
The Heart stated, “Fear or love.”
Quietly Woundedness asked, “What one do you choose?”
The Heart replied, “My purpose is to love. That will always be my choice. What is more important is knowing what you will choose…”
Woundedness reflected and finally replied, “I don’t want to grow more as Woundedness, I want to serve. I realize love is what releases me to serve.” Woundedness sat silently and then stated, “Does it always go back to love?”
“It has been my experience that every moment goes back to love and that love is the answer in every moment.”
“Then, I choose love,” Woundedness beamed, finally making a choice.
Crystal Ravanelli 2012


Anonymous said…
This is hard to hear and pain walks with anger a lot too.

I have been wishing to connect the head with the heart and maybe I will give myself this talk.
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