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Fall Newsletter 

The fall season is upon us with the crisp air of autumn and shortened days of sunlight allowing us to spend more time going within to do our spiritual work. Lee Ann and I are thrilled to be back in WI experiencing the beautiful fall colors and change of seasons again. As we move forward in rebuilding our Healing Center and Solar Light Community, we feel it is important to share with you the principles our vision is based on.
"Our vision is to support individuals in the process of enlightenment based on the belief that love is the intelligent light energy that creates healing and transformation for the individual and the world."
There are many new spiritual groups and religious organizations in the world today. In our experience of studying across all spiritual traditions, we have recently been disheartened by the separatist and fear-based principles some of these emerging groups and teachings promote. The structure for many of these growing organizations is hierarchical, with the powerful leaders discriminately conferring positions of prestige upon their followers to appeal to their human egos.
These leaders openly use fear to convince their followers that they will be consumed by darkness if they do not exclusively follow their dogmatic teachings. Their followers are taken advantage of emotionally and financially under the guise that they are the "proclaimed chosen ones" responsible for transforming the world. Unfortunately these new spiritual groups perpetuate the same separatist beliefs many traditional religions have been proliferating for thousands of years. These beliefs continue to cause hatred and violence in the world and our local community.
The only thing we proclaim at The Healing Place is that we are each divine beings in human form in various stages of spiritual awakening. We maintain our humility and dignity by sharing the personal challenges we all experience during the process of evolving spiritually. We make repeated efforts to sustain the principle of unconditional love by not judging or criticizing others for their spiritual beliefs and practices.
Each member of our community is encouraged to study across all ancient religions and spiritual traditions. This enhances the individual responsibility each of us has to discover and experience our personal spiritual truth. The only self-appointed task we each have is to apply the discipline needed to use every life experience as an opportunity for spiritual growth. The challenges are the same for each of us regardless of position or education. The responsibility is equally the same for each of us to seek the personal spiritual experiences that confirm our heritage as divine beings.
Our Solar Light Community is open to anyone who chooses to seek the light within, and support their fellow human beings who also struggle to demonstrate their "spiritual beingness" every day. We work as a community with the Sun that provides the light energy for all life on our planet. We work equally, in joined camaraderie, reflecting the Divine Source of Light that ignites the inner light of unconditional love required to end the separatism and hatred in the world. We embrace and support other like-minded enlightened groups, and form cooperative working relationships with them. We strive individually for the unity required to join together as a united humanity.
We invite you to join us in the common vision that we have equal spiritual capacity to work with the Divine Love radiating from the Light of the Sun. We invite you to join us in community, combining forces as individuals interacting through an equally united common humanity. We ask you to collectively demonstrate the inner light of unconditional love so desperately needed in a world on the brink of experiencing an emerging soul consciousness.
With love and light,
Lee Ann and Peig   


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OPEN HOUSE  Saturday, Oct. 27 from 11-4 

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Oct. 27th Feronia and The Healing Place Open House
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Oct. 29th Drumming, with Crystal Bowls and Gongs      
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Women's Retreat Premiere
Femme D' Vision: Transforming The World With                                                                       The Power Of The Divine Feminine

Sunday Nov. 4, from 11-4
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