Are You a Radiant Soul?

Are You a Radiant Soul?

I believe we’re here to live brilliant lives packed with passion and energy; to spread our wings and shine bright as Radiant Souls.
I believe we’re here to shake things up in a BIG way. And because of that belief, I’m driven to ask you this:
Are you a Radiant Soul?
The Radiant Soul burns with an explosive, heady mix of fire + energy that spices every aspect of life. She seeks out and embraces the exotic.
Simply put, the Radiant Soul digs deep enough to mine the rich vein of desire and meaning buried in her core. She rocks a bold, colourful way of life distinctly hers because she’s not afraid to fly her freak flag. He dares to start an audacious initiative because he has the vision to see it through and is undeterred by any dissenters.
You are a Radiant Soul when you tap into the raw unbridled soul juice bubbling away beneath the surface, when you scrap all the rules and show up so fully that we recognise your personality a mile away.
In other words, you unleash your magnificence on a daily basis.
I’ve been reading Natalie MacNeil‘s inspiring book She Takes on the World, a riff on the female entrepreneur living her purpose as she builds her business. Natalie emphasises the importance of caring deeply about your work and setting up a system that keeps you on track with your purpose. In her words,
“Living a purpose-filled life means being in sync with your core values in everything you do. It’s how you give your best to the world. If you value adventure, do something you have never done before. If you value peace and quiet, do not join a rock band. If you value family, take them with you as you work abroad or work from home. If you value freedom, do not sign a long-term contract. If you value spirituality, help people. If you value health, treat your body right.”
What’s this got to do with Radiant Souls?
You can’t live a brilliant life if you don’t believe in your ability to achieve your goals and alter the fabric of the world. You can’t jolt me out of complacency and light a fire under my ass if you’re not burning with passion yourself.
You can’t reap the fruit of being an electrifying creative if you don’t accept that you alreadyare a creative spirit and you’ve got hot jewels that no one else has.
You can’t be a Radiant Soul if you think your life is small and insignificant and you have nothing to offer, y’know?
So what’s the solution?
Revel in Your Radiance
Being a Radiant Soul frees you to:
  • Live out loud at a million decibels. Hot, audacious plans to reshape the world? Yes, please.
  • Celebrate your truest self and do the things sacred to you, not the ones others say you should.
  • Craft a lifestyle that feeds your spirit and your pocket.
  • Start a movement based on your passion and change the lives of others. Case in point: Natalie Sisson‘s $100 Change Initiative.
  • Connect with other bright sparks on the same path as you and build a community that nurtures your spiritual side.
  • Translate your dreams into reality and fulfil your desires.
Tempting, innit? ;)
The Courage of a Radiant Soul
In her wildly popular book The Gifts of ImperfectionDr. BrenĂ© Brown talks about vulnerability and Wholehearted living as new standards of living. The courage to reveal our vulnerability to others and stand firm in it without shrinking back frees us to find strength in being vulnerable, and to connect with others on a soul-deep level.
Dr. Brown describes wholehearted living as “. . . engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough. It’s going to bed at night thinking, Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.”
Wanna live with your whole heart? Then you gotta be vulnerable enough to do it.
Owning the strength in vulnerability is a way of life for the Radiant Soul. It’s a sign of the courage to let other people witness the fullness of your imperfections and your brilliance, your shortcomings and your unique, kick-ass talents.
Being audacious enough to dream big, to make mistakes and learn from them, to show vulnerability and dispel the myth of being superhuman sans flaws or failure . . . these are the things that make you a Radiant Soul.
Bonus: Dr. Brown’s TEDxHouston talk The power of vulnerability will open you up to being all of who you truly are. Watch it now and see what I mean.
Own Your Magnificence
What’s stopping you from sharing your magic with the world?
What’s stopping you from drawing on your power and elevating your existence from mundane to extraordinary?
What’s stopping you from acting on your radical idea and making a difference in the world?
What’s stopping you from being a Radiant Soul right NOW?
How about it? What’s stopping you?
Own your magnificence. It’s time. No excuses. Nurture your gifts. Grab life by the balls and squeeze the juice out of it. Oh yes.
So tell me, what has to change for you to become a Radiant Soul? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


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