Welcome to Fall and VATA Season

Welcome to Fall, or as we say in Ayurveda the start of VATA season. Read more about how you can make small changes to provide for a healthy transitional.  Is this email not displaying correctly?
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Welcome to VATA Season from Bodhi Ayurveda

     For those of you familiar with Ayurveda, when I mention VATA, PITTA and KAPHA you think of the three doshas that make up our divinely unique prakriti, or ayurvedic constitution.  These doshas are ever present and fluctuating within us.  This is also true in nature.  As the seasons change, the environment and our body and minds go through a natural process of the doshas accumulating, aggravating and alleviating.  With this past intensely hot summer (PITTA) season, we sure had our share of accumulated and aggravated fire element.  Now, we are finally witnessing the change to fall with changes in the temperatures, humidity, daylight and the leaves on the trees. This early fall season alleviates PITTA, but is also the start of VATA accumulation.  VATA is the dosha of movement and has variable, cold, dry and rough qualities.  If we pay close enough attention, we may be already witnessing VATA accumulating within our body and mind.  During this time of year, when we transition from summer's heat into fall's drier and cooler air, you may begin to experience VATA aggravation symptoms of dry skin, chapped lips, constipation, lower appetite, anxiety and scattered thoughts.

Don't worry, there are simple ways we can counter the affects of VATA season accumulation and by starting now you can avoid these symptoms through small changes in your diet, lifestyle and daily routines.  When it comes to our diet, nature miraculously gives us what we need during this season with the abundance of root vegetables and squashes.  Great examples are carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, and squashes.  Spices that can be added to our foods to balance against VATA's cold and dry affects include black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Also, ever notice a craving for soups, stews and casseroles during this time of year?  Making sure your foods are not only well spiced for the season, it is also important to make sure they are warm and moist.  Lifestyle changes can be as simple as wearing warmer clothing and covering up your head, hands and feet, getting enough sleep and giving yourself a daily oil treatment with sesame oil (abhyanga).  VATA is all about motion, so a daily routine which includes adherence to daily meditation, regularly held meal times and bed times are best.

Notice a theme here??  Here it is.... Doshas are aggravated by like qualities and alleviated by doing the opposite of their qualities.  Since VATA is variable, cold, dry and rough, we can alleviate it through stable, warm, moist and soothing foods, lifestyle and routines.  Any season change is also a great time to have a consultation or treatment with me.  Please feel free to call me.

Wishing you a happy and healthy VATA season!

With much prem (love),

Raise your Vibration this Saturday, September 29th


Identifying EMF/EMR toxicity:  The flow of prana is life, it is a natural force which flows through all things in nature and through us. Yet in this day and age, laptops, cell phones, iPads, TVs, and more dominate our world! Ever wonder if all those electronic devices we use every day have an affect on us and the natural flow of prana?  In our technology driven lifestyles, we are constantly exposed to Electromagnetic Forces and Radiation which are sources of manufactured prana.

Join me THIS Saturday, September 29th from 11:30 am -12:30 pm to learn more about the affects these subtle forms of manufactured prana have on the mind and body. We will learn about the signs and symptoms of EMF/EMR toxicity, how to make small changes in our routines and experience how transdermal herbal creams can provide relief while bringing the natural flow of prana in balance.

Donations accepted and recieved with gratitude.

HaleyBird Studios
9207 W Center Street
Wauwatosa 53222

November 18th, 2-5pm


Our skin is a mirror of our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. It is the largest and most absorbent organ of our body and by taking care of our skin inside and outside, we provide for a healthy, vibrant glow that is an expression of our true beauty, seated in our soul. 

In Hinduism, the Goddess Lakshmi is associated with wealth, prosperity and beauty. She represents all that is beautiful, virtuous and radiant. She is often described as having skin as lustrous as burnished gold and blazing with splendor. Come spend an afternoon as we honor the inner Lakshmi in us.  Learn how to take care of our skin with natural alternatives and how to use the skin as a pathway to healing and vitality. This three hour session will include conversations about skin care basics, healthy alternative products to use on the skin (so good you can eat them), samples, mini facials, raffle prizes, and henna (for an extra donation).

$10 ($5 for children under 16) at the door will give you access to the conversations with Carol, hand out materials, recipes, samples and ready to purchase ayurvedic skin care products. Email or call to let me know you are coming. info@bodhi-ayurveda.com or 262-893-1757

HaleyBird Studios
9207 W Center Street
Wauwatosa 53222

Special pricing on Abhyanga and Shirodhara combination treatments

A great pair of treatments to transition into fall offered at an amazing price of $108.

Check out my website http://www.bodhi-ayurveda.com/Services.html for more information about these healing and rejuvinating treatments.

Call Carol at 262-893-1757 to schedule yours today!

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