soul substance by premakarini

soul substance

by Guest Blogger, Premakarini of

The soul awakes its chamber with a pulse,
Life charges forth, armour shielding soft hearts,
Emotion sheds the cruel sting of flesh
Substance suspended momentarily
On thought patterns traced on the atmosphere.
Ideals wane, clashing against limits
Conscience procures conflicts of opposites
Justice, freedom; imprisoned by beings

The mirror throws a shadow in the light,
Reality merges with its other.
The clock moves forwards, but Time has no guide
Life has no measure, age is man’s form
God gives us one hope for soul survival
Is only truly possible with love

England. Lower sixth form {high school} English literature Shakespeare class. Assignment: write a poem in iambic pentameter. First poem ever written & shared.
Dedicated to my father who continually looks over me {as he promised before he left this earth} with love & the deepest gratitude for the gift of life and his love.
Premakarini x