New Blog: 100 days to 12/21/12

The Countdown is ON!

 As of today, Wednesday, Sept 12 at 7:12am, we have 100 days to go before we reach the end of the cycle:

Winter Solstice 12/21/12
Are you ready?

Just to clarify, we are not saying that the world is coming to an end.

We are saying that this is the end of a 6000 year cycle of civilization, that has been prophesied by virtually all religions, spiritual teachings and indigenous peoples around the world. It's not just the Mayan calendar. Not Just the Hopi or the Buddhist prophesies. Not just the Bible, Koran or the Baha'i Teachings. Each of these are like pieces of the puzzle. When you put them all together, you can see a grand mosaic that is intricate and divinely beautiful.

It marks the end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Aquarian age. We are moving from 3rd dimensional consciousness into 5th dimensional consciousness. Our hearts and minds are changing along with our world. We are transitioning into a world without violence, conflict, hunger, disease, abuse, pollution or any of the negative aspects of modern civilization. We are coming into a state of harmony with the natural and spiritual world.

The transition itself will not necessarily be easy. For those very attached to the old world, it will be hell. But for those of us who are prepared, it will be a divine blessing! All of our self-work is paying off, and our powers are being strengthened and illumined. We are developing the strength and vision to lead our friends and family into a divine new world.

The transition has already begun. Things are already heating up, the very processes of transformation that we all have being facing respond to this. Now many things may or may not happen on December 21, 2012. It may not herald the next phase of the "Physical Purification" of the Earth, but either way, it is a deadline, or a goal for each of us to rise up and clear through our personal layers of baggage & blockages and reach the goal of inner peace and oneness with the Divine that is the ultimate goal of life and this crazy game called 100 Layers from God.

What to do?
There are thousands upon thousands of things you can do to prepare yourself physically and spiritually for whatever changes may or may not occur by the end of this year. We recommend whatever it is that resonates with your inner light. Whatever you find that brings you great joy and calls to your spirit, then you should do that thing. You should stop wasting your time and your life on something that does not feed your soul.

Time is short, but it's also flexible - like a gymnast.

100 days is enough time...                                          

Here's the game: If you could find your true and highest calling in life, how would that feel? What might it look like if you could choose or create anything, with money as no limitation. In this game, we take all of these high spiritual concepts that we've been hearing about, and we pretend that it's all true. At least all the "good" stuff, but none of the "bad". It's ancient wisdom that is also extremely positive and optimistic, believing that all things happen for a reason and a purpose - and that purpose is ALWAYS for the highest good of everyone. In the game, we strive to live our lives from this place of light. When you do this, good things happen.
We call it a game, because it's fun!
100 Layers BLOG!
This is a fun and easy way to learn about and get involved in the game. We will BLOG about 100 layers. It's origins and intricacies, ways to play, different meditations, new insights and inspiration, as well as our own personal progress - after all, we're all in this together!

A new BLOG every day. If you do nothing else, this is one way that you can play the game, shed your layers and reach your ultimate goals and desires by 12/21/12.
Of course, you can visit our new website each day to see each days new post, or we make it easy for you to sign up to have the new posts sent directly to your inbox. That will keep you connected. If you get tired of it, you can always un-subscribe with one click. Click here to view our BLOG. Sign up is on the bottom of the page.
Future Events
We have several events coming up that you are invited to attend. They each are a part of the 100 Layers theme of healing and releasing layers, but each has a different focus.
  • Sept 28-30 - El Yunque Weekend Workshop - A weekend in paradise. Rest in the luxuriant bounty of the pristine tropical rainforest of Puerto Rico. Yoga, meditation, gourmet vegetarian food, hidden gardens & magical streams. Attune yourself to the energy of the earth in one of the most pure & beautiful places on earth. Healing has never been so fun!
  • Oct 2 - El Yunque 1 day Vision Quest - On the back side of El Yunque (south side of mountain) there is a sacred spot that has been used for ceremonies and initiations for thousands of years. For those who are ready, we will connect deeply with the spiritual energy of this place through Kundalini exercises and deep meditations, which include water meditations. We will connect with our ancestors, spirit guides and guardian angels in this sacred place of power. Also included is group healing session.
  • Oct 10-12 - Tantric Massage Workshop - Tantric Massage is the best of all worlds. It is a relaxing and healing therapeutic massage that works the physical body. More importantly, it uses many principals of Tantra to awaken and activate your “Light Body” (Your Chakras, Meridians, Aura & Kundalini).
  • November ? - Low cost Workshop in San Juan - To reach all of our friends and family in PR and tip the balance of the scales of consciousness - first in Puerto Rico, then the world! Contact us if you are willing & able to help make this happen.
  • Dec 14-22 - "End of the World" Tropical Retreat - This 9-day retreat is the spiritual adventure of a lifetime – for all of us! Using the healing power of Tantra, Shamanism & the Earth, we will visit the most beautiful and powerful places of Puerto Rico, bringing healing and joy to all areas of your life through Medicine Wheels and sacred ceremonies. Yoga on pristine beaches. Spiritual initiations in crystal clear ponds, below waterfalls in the mountainous rainforest of El Yunque. Meditate in ancient caves used for healing ceremonies for thousands of years. Culminating on 12/21/12 with a special Awakening Ceremony at the "Throat Chakra of the world". Save $666 when you register by September 12, 2012.
  • Individual Healing Sessions w/ Peter: Therapeutic Massage, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Healing, White Tantric Massage, Meditation Training, Spiritual Counseling, Vision Quests - Available in Wisconsin & PR
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga w/ Marién in Puerto Rico & Wisconsin
We are calling on you to help us spread the word!
This is big medicine, it makes a real difference in peoples lives. Please take just a moment to share this with the others in your life whom it may help.
There are many ways to get involved and help, if you hear the call to service.
  • You can forward another e-mail that we are sending soon. Send it to a few select friends and family, or send it to your entire contact list.
  • You can "like" our new FB page, 100 Layers from God
  • You can join our FB events and then invite all of your FB friends to the event.
  • You can talk directly to the people you KNOW will benefit greatly. Sometimes people know immediately if this is for them, as soon as they hear the call, but most people have a lot of fear and mistrust. Their spirit may hear the call, but they may be too afraid to take action. That is where you can help them to create a new life for themselves.
  • You can help to print out and distribute posters & flyers for the different events. We have the materials.
  • You can help by finding radio and television programs who will run a story on 100 layers & 12/21/12
  • Sign up to receive Blog in your e-mail
  • You can pray for us all!
  • You can send cash!
  • You can send love!
We wish you well on your journey back home. Always remember if there is anything we can do to help, We are here to serve.

Blessings of love & light,
Peter Ross Voigt & Marién Enid
100 Layers From God at Healing Magic
414.699.7333 / 787.543.6651

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