Milwaukee - Invitation to an International Lecture - Healing on the Spiritual Path

Free Public Lectures


Sunday, October 14, 2012, 3:00 pm

At Alverno College
Christopher Hall, Room 195
3400 South 43rd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53234

Speaker: B. Schneider, healing practitioner, Germany

Local contact: 414 375 4131

Healing on the Spiritual Path - The Key to Tomorrow's Health
Medical doctors present healings that are
medically verifiable.

You are invited to attend this FREE lecture. I am a physician in Germany and my colleagues and I do this work out of gratitude for the help and healing we have experienced. Healing of severe chronic illnesses and even so called 'incurable' conditions will be presented. During the lecture you have the opportunity to experience the healing power for yourself. You can utilize this power for your own health and for those you love.

International Medical Scientific Group organizes the lectures
I am a member and the director of the international Medical Scientific Group, which is a part of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. We have about 6000 medical professionals worldwide and we give these lectures in our leisure time. Many of these lectures are held at universities, even medical universities.

There is no incurable
The basis of the lectures is the teaching of Bruno Groening, who lived in Germany from 1906-1959. In his lifetime, extraordinary healings occurred during his lectures, which gave him worldwide recognition. He spoke of a power that comes from God which can be easily absorbed by everyone. This divine power was referred to by Bruno Groening as the 'healing stream' or the Heilstrom.

More information:

An extensive documentary film 'The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning - On the Tracks of the Miracle Healer' about the life and work of Bruno Gröning will be shown in several cities. It has been translated into thirty languages and shown successfully worldwide. A German film team created this extensive film production for cinemas over a span of nine years. Thousands of actors, all extras, and most people involved in the production worked in their free time and without any payment. Using contemporary witnesses, original pictures and audio tapes as well as film scenes, the documentary allows a deep insight into the life and work of the most important healer of the last century. The film is shown on a donation basis.
Exact dates and a trailer for the film can be found in the internet under

Please inform your friends and loved ones about this special event.

Yours sincerely,
G. Blättner, M.D.

Dr. G. Blättner, Direktor
Haidauerstr. 6
93107 Thalmassing