intuition versus doubt: know the difference by premakarini

intuition versus doubt: know the difference

by Guest Blogger, Premakarini of

You just got the strongest hit on something but you are now feeling more confused than ever. Something keeps pulling on you to do and yet you are not sure to follow this hunch even though it makes you feel giddy every time you think about it.
How can you KNOW when its your intuition?
Here’s how you can tell whether to follow that impulse, hunch or gut feeling and when to recognize doubt masquerading as a good idea, when all it does is make you feel oddly depleted.
First how does it make your body feel? Your body is only too happy to give you an accurate reading on how this latest idea is going to impact your life.

Intuition inspires, uplifts, makes you feel light on your feet

When you feel lighter, happier, more at ease, relieved, energized and exhilarated, then it is your intuition giving you an insight on how you can enhance your life. Intuitive information has an immediate positive energetic effect on the body.

Living intuitively is the fastest way to live the highest, most creative & authentic version of yourself.

Of course, you can reverse engineer this process to easily access your intuitive sense at will. When I dance and sing, which are highly intuitive + creative processes, I am naturally in tune intuitively.

If, however, you feel depleted, drained or suddenly stuck, then you can be certain that doubt has entered the building.
How spontaneous is it? Intuition is spontaneous by its essential nature. When you allow yourself to be spontaneous, you are essentially loving and trusting yourself at a deeper level. This is one of the most empowering ways you can ever live.
How empowering is it? Intuitive intelligence always empowers. When its intuitive, it makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING, that you are truly unlimited in every possible way.

Intuition evolves

How alive does it make you feel? How much possibility does it open up in you? Intuitive impulses get you to come alive at a whole new level, often opening up those watershed experiences that change your life, and the world as a result, forever.

“Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”

David Whyte
It’s not about trying to fit into this world, its about finding ways of bringing your world – and you – more into the world, finding what frees you to do this. This is how you make the most difference. Intuition has got your back. All you have to do is to trust yourself.
Doubt your doubts. Entertain your intuition. Now you know how.
Premakarini xo