What could be more of an invigorating song than St. Elmo’s Fire by John Parr for all aspects of your life!
Just listen to the song, I mean really listen. I listened after a Higher Brain Living session to discover I heard a couple of lyrics different from the actual ones.

I associate the lyrics with what’s been happening in my life the past couple of year and anyone can relate. If you’ve ever had a dream, a challenge to overcome, an obstacle, or a life changing event, hinder your progress then you can relate. Not one person can say they haven’t at some point in their life. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t, however, it’s how you work through them, climb over them, progress to what you’re hoping to accomplish that will lead you to achieving it.
Along the journey, you may encounter bumps, bruises, frustration, disappointments, and even become discouraged. The important thing is to not give up! Take a break, take a breath, and get back in the fight! A recharge benefits completing a task or moving forward after a life altering event.
“Play the game, you know you can’t quit until it’s won. Soldier on, only you can do what must be done”. John Parr