Chance Encounter or Fate?

For those of you who don't know...I lost my husband almost four years ago to suicide. My goal in life now is to share my journey that allows people to become inspired, educated, and motivated to persevere after a tragic loss. I'm in the process of writing a book to share my journey of thrival. I write not to tell the tale, that would be wrong, but to share my strength, love, and hope to a world of darkness still covered by the stigma of suicide. Read on to see just how this works.

On the weekend of August 25-26, 2012 during the Danskin Triathlon Pleasant Prairie festivities, which was also my first triathlon, I made a new friend. I had been talking to Sally Edwards who founded the Danskin Triathlon Series & she mentioned that the lady before me (who was still nearby) lost her husband to suicide in January. I went to meet and talk to her and her daughter. We exchanged contact information. We would happen to bike next to each other for a short time during our 12 mile venture & ran into each other at the finish line. On Friday, August 31st, I shared my published story, A Journey of Survival, with her. I received an email reply later that day and not only was it perfect timing, since she was having a hard time, but it turns out the day she lost her husband is the same day the story published (the day before this last AS~KC  (Authentic Self~Kosmic Consciousness) retreat started).

We were destined to meet and I shined light during a difficult time. I inspired one more & she's passing the story on. Coincidence? Divine intervention? Chance encounter? Someone said there are no coincidences, only God instances. Who can really answer that. ♥