believe by premakarini


by Guest Blogger, Premakarini of

What do you really believe in?

What do you consider worth dying for? Who would you take a bullet for?
Live this. Cherish this. Protect this. Believe in this.

How much do you believe in yourself?

This is the real question.
After battling some serious self doubts in the past few weeks, I realise more than ever just howdoubt is the one thing that most holds us back & limits us; Self trust {belief} opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Believe in your beauty. Believe in your creative genius. Believe in your perfection. Believe in yourself.

It can either go from intuitive & awesome to doubt & despair. Its really just a choice. You choose the frequency & range of experience {energy} you play in:

CONSIDER thoughts, ideas & beliefs as doors to different experiences.

A particular way of thinking dials you into a certain spectrum {possibility} of experience & energy.
Its up to you which ones you are in. You usually gravitate to whats familiar & comfortable, what you are already wired to, which is why its so important to consciously and deliberately change this so you evolve.
If you don’t like what you are experiencing, if you are not having enough fun, love, mischief {whatever you really want} Change your thinking. Play with new ideas. You rewire your neural patterns in this way and it just takes a while for them to become established as your default.
Be ready for the initial resistance as the old pattern tries to compete with the new one.

You can tell exactly how old you really are by the amount you resist a new idea or way of thinking.

Changing & evolving your beliefs frequently keeps you young.

These books are my bibles. The teaching works. Its the highest, most unlimited teaching on the planet that I have found so far because of how powerfully they affect the quality of life. {try them if you get sick & you’ll see how quickly they can heal you}

If I can get you into this level of possibility & enlightened living then I consider my work done.

Everything I write is to support this great work & make it more accessible & easier to live. Personally I would rather you buy these books than mine: this is how strongly I feel about these books. I have recommended them to thousands of people over the years since I discovered them at 24.
I remember the first time I read them exactly: I stayed up all night and couldn’t put them down. I read the first two books and then slept for a while. It was the first time my mind was completely blown. When I got up I had to reread some of book two because I couldn’t believe it and thought somehow I had made it up in my mind.

Every time I read them even now they blow me away. Its as if they are new every time. They are written on so many levels that it depends on your level of awareness when you read them as to what you access. You always get exactly what you need.

I call them my Radiohead of the book world because they are the best books on the planet I have come across. No matter how good a book is, when I go back to these, I am always convinced of this.

When you live this level of love, life, beauty, bliss & peace you make an unlimited difference in this world.

Next adventure: England, where I am to live for a while. So looking forward to time with my family: creatively playing & learning from my niece and nephew & spending time with loved ones! It’s been a while.
Unlimited love,
Premakarini x