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Hello  Deborah

More than just a great idea, "100 Layers" is the culmination of my lifes work: 27yrs in the Healing Arts. Even more, it is my purpose and spiritual destiny. Divinely inspired in a sacred shamanic ceremony, it was revealed in the mountainous jungles of Puerto Rico.

If that were not enough, I am joining forces with an extraordinary soul. Citizen of the world, but native to the island, Marién Enid Caraballo-Cales has the unique ability to heal & inspire through Yoga, dance and song. Together we help to balance the Yin/Yan energies within us all.

100 Layers from God is a fun and exciting spiritual game designed to set you free.

For thousands of years, spiritual masters from all traditions have been telling us that it is possible for each of us to rise above the pain, struggle & drama of daily life, where we suffer from a myriad of stress, fear, anger, guilt & shame.

 They say it is possible to transcend all of that, to connect with the divine spark within, where God resides in all of us. When that happens, we can live most of our life in a state of perfect peace, serenity, joy, happiness and contentment. When "bad" things happen, where most people see a problem, we see an opportunity to learn and grow. This is not a fairy tale. It is a promise, and a very real possibility for any of us - should we choose it - and put in the effort to achieve it.

100 layers is one way to reach that place, which also happens to be fun and relatively easy. In this game, should you choose to play, we use the very real & effective principles found in Tantra, Shamanism & Baha'i to clear away and release all of the layers of stress, fear, anger & shame that keep us from reaching that place within us where God dwells. We say that there are only 100 Layers between where we are now, and where we can be. Furthermore, we can clear through ALL of those layers before the end of this year: 12/21/12, thereby being prepared spiritually for whatever may or may not happen. If we are at peace with ourselves and with God, then it really does not matter what happens in the outer world.

What is it?
This game is a comprehensive program that has something for everyone. We all learn differently and have varying levels of time, money and attention. To accommodate YOU, There are many ways to play:
  1. Book
  2. DVD Series
  3. Workshops, Retreats, Group Meditations & Vision Quests
  4. Individual Healing Sessions, Massage, Energy Balancing, Yoga and Meditation Training
  5. Self Study / Personal Practice

How can I participate?
This work is not for everyone. If you are perfectly happy with your life and the world as it is, then there is no need to put in the time & effort. But if you yearn for a better life & world, then this is the game for you.

You will know if you hear the calling. Then it's simply a matter of doing whatever you need to do to make it happen. Time is precious these days, with just over 100 days remaining before 12/21/12. You can register for all events on the website. Do it now.

The workshops scheduled this year are all in Puerto Rico, because of this Islands' special role in the divine plan for global awakening. However, we are open to travel to other areas upon request.

  • Sept 28-30 - El Yunque Weekend Workshop - A weekend in paradise. Rest in the luxuriant bounty of the pristine tropical rainforest of Puerto Rico. Yoga, meditation, gourmet vegetarian food, hidden gardens & magical streams. Attune yourself to the energy of the earth in one of the most pure & beautiful places on earth. Healing has never been so fun!
  • Oct 2 - El Yunque 1 day Vision Quest - On the back side of El Yunque (south side of mountain) there is a sacred spot that has been used for ceremonies and initiations for thousands of years. For those who are ready, we will connect deeply with the spiritual energy of this place through Kundalini exercises and deep meditations, which include water meditations. We will connect with our ancestors, spirit guides and guardian angels in this sacred place of power. Also included is group healing session.
  • Oct 10-12 - Tantric Massage Workshop - Tantric Massage is the best of all worlds. It is a relaxing and healing therapeautic massage that works the physical body. More importantly, it uses many principals of Tantra to awaken and activate your “Light Body” (Your Chakras, Meridians, Aura & Kundalini).
  • November ? - Low cost Workshop in San Juan - To reach all of our friends and family in PR and tip the balance of the scales of conscoiusness - first in Puerto Rico, then the world!  Contact us if you are willing & able to help make this happen.
  • Dec 14-22 - "End of the World" Tropical Retreat - This 9-day retreat is the spiritual adventure of a lifetime – for all of us! Using the healing power of Tantra, Shamanism & the Earth, we will visit the most beautiful and powerful places of Puerto Rico, bringing healing and joy to all areas of your life through Medicine Wheels and sacred ceremonies. Yoga on pristine beaches. Spiritual initiations in crystal clear ponds, below waterfalls in the mountainous rainforest of El Yunque. Meditate in ancient caves used for healing ceremonies for thousands of years. Culminating on 12/21/12 with a special Awakening Ceremony at the "Throat Chakra of the world". Save $666 when you register by September 12, 2012.
  • Individual Healing Sessions w/ Peter: Therapeutic Massage, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Healing, White Tantric Massage, Meditation Training, Spiritual Counseling, Vision Quests -  Available in Wisconsin & PR
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga w/ Marién in Puerto Rico & Wisconsin

Please contact us  if there is anything we can do for you. We are here to serve.

Hope to see you soon!

Blessings of light,

Peter Ross Voigt & Marién Enid Caraballo-Cales
100 Layers from God
414.699.7333  &  787-543-6651

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