You = perfect by premakarini

You = perfect

{yes, really!}
by Guest Blogger, Premakarini of

This post: Experience your perfection. Intuitive perfection {perfect intuition} Play in perfection {pure peace}. Creative genius {what it really is + how to express it} How to tell the difference between intuition + doubt. Have your biggest adventure {dream} yet.
Play in perfection. Perfection isn’t what you think it is. The experience of perfection is pure peace: it’s what’s perfect for you. Perfection is bliss, love, ecstasy: total relaxation + relief. It’s coming into the moment so fully, it’s letting go of the desire, even, to make things perfect. It’s this level of surrender, this level of trust.

It’s seeing all of who you are.

What is your biggest adventure right now? What do you crave experiencing with all your soul? If you could run away with anyone who would it be? If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you most want to be?

This morning my first awareness {instinct} was to run away and explore a whole new world: to have the biggest adventure yet, I feel like I need to explode into something totally new, I don’t even care where.
When I have had these adventures before in my life they always began in this way:
Spontaneous. Entirely intuitive. No plans. No itinery. No agenda. Just an open heart and the sincere yearning to learn, to love and to experience everything exactly as it is, experiencing the perfection in every moment, seeing where life wants to take me.
Perfection doesn’t depend on anything except our willingness to appreciate it.

What you don’t get {appreciate} in each moment you miss out on in life.

Doubts close the door to all this. This is reason enough to leave all doubts behind. Doubts distract. Doubts damage your dreams. Doubt doubt: This is the best teaching I ever heard on doubt from one of my enlightened friends.

Intuition uplifts, inspires, makes you feel like you can do anything

Doubt drags you down, drains you and makes you feel stuck
This is how you can always tell the difference between your intuition and your doubts, when in doubt.
Doubts = just mind games that you don’t have to play

{Awareness is simply choosing what you play with}

Keep your mind doubt free: focus on living your dream already. See + feel yourself enjoying it already. Let your intuition fill in the details. Intention is enough. Trust your deepest intentions: this is who you really are.

It’s all in how you feel and see yourself. Always.

However you see yourself, you are in the world. It takes courage to live all of who you are in this world. The world isn’t much help with this. The best it can do is mirror back to you what you are willing to express. What you are willing to see. How much you are willing to see yourself: It is only this that limits you.
As a creative, to evolve creatively you have to live at your own intuitive edge; this is how you determine what you experience. This is how you share your creative genius in the world.

This is why creative genius is entirely intuitive. Your intuitive sense not only connects you to the collective consciousness, it connects you to the very Source, {pure creative intelligence} itself.

Once you realize this you are free to live whatever you want.*

Through this connection, you can accomplish anything. You can do anything. Once you realize this you can make more of a difference than you can dream of.

As much love as you can let in,
Premakarini x

*whatever you most love is what empowers you the most*