Weekly Wisdom from Hilarion

----- Forwarded message from Anne Smith -----

Hilarion, who traditionally is viewed as an ascended master, has been gifting me with channeled messages for nearly fifteen years. He's indicated it's time to start sharing this material with other folks. A channeled book, The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human, is coming out soon. Short-and-sweet, free, weekly messages from Hilarion also are available to subscribers, by email.

Hilarion's nuggets of wisdom give us a quick thought to ponder. Their purpose is uplift our conscious thought patterns, so we can be freer and happier. An expanded version of each message is available on The Sharing website. As a fellow spiritual adventurer, you might enjoy this information.
Here's a this week's message, to give you a taste:

When you resist something, it creates a barrier against which you can expend yourself. You make no progress, and you lose your momentum and energy. Nothing changes, including you. Flow with something, and all your options remain open, including you.

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We look forward to sharing more with you. Feel free to post in WOW101 on The Sharing website. We love sharing stories of life's wonderful coincidences and beautiful twists and turns.
Thanks for your interest and your time!

Anne L. Smith and Hilarion
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