Rites of Passage ~ Mission Directive for COI Members

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Hello Fellow Light Severs,

I am inviting you to join this event if it resonates with you.  Things are getting very exciting with this 2012 energy.  See below. Please share with others.

Love and Light to you,


             Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation                 

Rites of Passage begin September 23      

Mission Directive ~ Center of Illumination
  • Distribution Assistance
  • Rites of Passage Translations
  • Transfiguration Chamber
    Flame Shepherd Assignment

A Call to Action for the Center of Illumination  

We must begin NOW to spread the word of this transformational opportunity to all light servers around the world.  

Additionally, we are being called to hold an enormous saturation of divine light activity in our Transfiguration Chamber in order to connect and ground the entire global community as we undergo these higher levels of initiation. 

By divine ordinance, all members of the Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation are being called to step forward in their mastery as the Center of Illumination takes the reigns to shepherd the Rites of Passage beginning this Equinox. 


Let's Rock, Roll, and BLAZE Sacred Fire!

We are in the process of organizing our entire membership base as Sacred Fire Shepherds to hold these emanations of divinity throughout the twelve weeks of our Rites of Passage.  All Center of Illumination  members who have not yet joined the Transfiguration Chamber, please go to the Group Page to engage in a sacred activity of divine transference unlike any you have participated in to date!  All participants will shepherd their chosen, or assigned, flame of divine frequency for the entire duration of the Rites. 

Once signed in as a member, please go to the discussion here to request your choice of flames and the assignments will be confirmed by Admin.  This discussion, as well as our Transfiguration Chamber group platform will become a source of support for all throughout this divine mission and a wealth of information is available for those who have not shepherded a flame before.  This IS what we are here for, dear Family, HERE and NOW!

Let's Sound the Call to Light Workers Worldwide!

The Masters have made clear their intention that the Rites of Passage are not to be exclusive to our Children of the Sun membership.  As Center of Illumination  Family, we ARE one of the most committed and effective Group Avatar force fields on the planet and the call has been sounded from all the Company of Heaven to place us in service. 
Let us reach out NOW to promote and spread the awareness about the Rites of Passage to all outside networks, groups, and individuals who are prepared to participate in this divine dispensation.  All tools and ideas to "Sound the Call" will be found within our discussion, here, located in the I AM Avatar Yoga group forum.  Here, we will be able to network and share our ideas as we reach up to our most creative potential as group soul.  If you have not previously joined this group, please go to our I AM Avatar Group Forum.  Time is of the essence; the Rites start in just a few weeks!

Let's Translate the Rites!

The opportunity is being presented to the GEO Teams and all Center of Illumination membership to assist in making the Rites of Passage available in as many languages as possible.  The Children of the Sun Foundation will provide all scripts, communications and audio recordings for the Rites before their global release, allowing time for translations to be done in a timely manner to continue the flow of the Rites on the planetary grid.  If you are interested in translating, or wish to see if your language is being translated by another volunteer, we have created a discussion within our I AM Avatar Yoga group, here.  You may also do this as a team effort!  Here, you will find a support system for this great undertaking and a platform so your efforts can be made available for as many people as possible. 

Please join us as we blaze the light of God to uplift the Planet
 and carry all of Humanity through this Great Initiation and the Gateway of 2012!

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