Redefine Your Thoughts About Health and Wealth

So often we hold a belief that being healthy and making money is hard.  That we need to work hard and only then are we rewarded with good health and wealth.
What if that was only one way to think about it?  After all there are people out there who are becoming and staying healthy easily, as well as people who are experiencing an easier way make money aside from the work for 45 year plan.
Before February of 2012 I was hardly exercising and was at least 10 pounds overweight.  I followed the program, released 12 pounds and felt so great that now I am an athlete.  I run, bike, attend yoga, Zumba and Feldenkrais.  I have created a habit of exercise and eating healthy (ok I still indulge in my favorites…pizza, sushi and chocolate chip cookies).  The truth is I am finally living the life I have truly always dreamed of and all areas of my life are improving!!  In addition I now have integrated the Biomat into my daily health care as well.
If you are ready to consider alternate possibilities give me a call and let’s get together over coffee and chat  920-277-1939.  I look forward to hearing from you.