Power. You. Here. Now. by Otiti Jasmine

Power. You. Here. Now. 
by Guest Blogger, Otiti Jasmine of http://otitijasmine.com
Right now, this very second, power is bubbling within you. Energy is percolating away and straining at the seams of confinement.
Do you feel it? Do you sense it?
Power is changing the way you think and how you perceive the world, why you’re here and what you’re going to do about your life’s calling.
Do the shifts scare you? Are you scrabbling to hold tight to old ways or breathing deep to let change flow in + through you? 
Stop fighting. Stop resisting. It hurts in every way and blocks your productivity. Rather than being afraid, be curious. Learn about your power. Sit and get to know it.
So many of us fear our power and inch back from our capacity for it because we’re unfamiliar with its nuts and bolts. We don’t know how it works or what we’re meant to do with it, so we hide and shut our eyes. What if there’s another way?
Even if your conscious mind runs scared for logical reasons, your gut holds a tiny flame of curiosity: “What’s this stirring I feel? What’s this calling I hear? What’s that light beckoning me forward?” These are the questions swirling underneath the surface and testing your readiness to face them.
Actually, make that willingness to face them, because the truth is we’re never ready to face anything out of the ordinary. We’re never ready to break the pattern and try something new. We’re only curious about the exquisite and unknown, and it’s this curiosity that drives us to peek into Pandora’s box.
Isn’t that how every adventure feels? Fraught with danger but still so incredibly stimulating? We’re drawn to the next level of growth or evolution; we don’t just wake up and say, “OK, I’m ready now!” Why? Because we can always cite a million and one reasons why it’s not the right time or we’re not prepared.
But when will you be ready? When is the right time? What does it take to stop running from yourself and listen to the worlds circling your heart? When is it OK to unleash your power?
I believe everyone is here for a purpose, and that purpose is to be you. Every soul has a distinct blend of energy and power, and your job is to uncover that blend. To showcase it. To inhabit it as deeply and broadly as you can, because what’s the point of being here if you’re just gonna leave without making your mark?